Color Perception

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© Courtesy of the artist and Chicago Art Department
Color Perception

suite #100, 1932 South Halsted
Chicago, IL 60608
May 17th, 2012 - May 20th, 2012
Opening: May 17th, 2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Michigan Ave/Downtown
gallery hours are by appointment


Swiss artist Carola Bürgi, formerly residing at the Lucerne Artist Studio in Chicago, is presenting Color Perception. Color Perception is a selection of her works during her stay here in Chicago. Carola Bürgi will realize a site-specific installation, integrating space and daylight of the exhibition room. Additionally she displays a photo/video oeuvre, playing with the subtle transformation of light and time of an unfinished Chicago building. And finally Bürgi presents wall pieces examining possible relations between sound and color.

About the work of Carola Bürgi
by Kathrin Frauenfelder, Art Historian, Zürich,Switzerland, 2010

Dissolving borders
Translucent material with its lucid interaction is fragmenting material limitations and equally breaking the order and dimension of a closed body. In this, it stimulates a different vision of a sculpture: that of a temporal fragment, an ephemeral and changing apparition. All of Carola Bürgi’s work plays with this concept of sculpture.

The artist considers sculpture not as a closed and impermeable object, but as a creation in a constant state of transformation. In the exhibition “jetzt.Skulpturheute” (Museum of Art in Langenthal, Switzerland, 2004) the topic was: the object, the sculptural body and its importance for contemporary sculptural creation. – Carola Bürgi’s objects are seen as a pertinent and extremely stimulating answer. Due to their material quality, they oscillate at the edge between body and its dissolution, between the border of the object and its dissipation. Her objects, liberated from preconceived ideas, open the gaze, allow for an elementary and sensual encounter with the sculpture – a corporal experience.