The Struggle For Art IV

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Fading Flower, 2010 Oil On Canvas W 16 X H 20 Inches © Leon Sarantos
BFF © Dawn Diamantopoulos
Duck, Duck, Goose! 6 X 6 X 1 1/2
The Struggle For Art IV
Curated by: Jim Panos

1500 119th Street
Whiting, Indiana 46394
April 2nd, 2012 - June 1st, 2012

Other (outside main areas)
9 to 5 weekdays, 9 to noon Saturday
abstracts abstract sculpture, abstract-expressionism, semi-abstract, exhibition, Midwest painting figurative


Figurative Art By Leon Sarantos: The Struggle For Art IV

Leon Sarantos is pleased to announce that his abstract, figurative art is on display in a curated group exhibit at the CornerStone Art Center & Gallery in Whiting, Indiana throughout April and May.  The exhibit, Struggle for Art IV, curated by Jim Panos, sees the struggle for art as concerned with “creating a work of art from an idea or vision and how to portray these to the world at large. It is a battle within the self. Being an artist, one is bound to undertake divergent views of the world. Many times the artist is conflicted between the real world and personal ideas and visions.”

Fading Flower is an abstract, figurative painting by Leon Sarantos that is included in the exhibit. The painting portrays a woman contemplating a flower.  This is an abstract painting done loosely, with the interplay of the reds as one element, the highlighted areas of the woman's body and flower counterbalancing each other, and the purple providing the backdrop.  The theme is the fading of youth, both in the flower and the figure of a lady.  The painting is part of a series in which Sarantos combines realism with elements of abstract patterns.

The fourth in a series of exhibits about the Struggle For Art is at the CornerStone Art Center, in the Centier Bank Building, 1500 119th Street, Whiting, Indiana. The opening Reception is on Saturday, April 7 - 9 AM til noon.  Cornerstone Art Center & Gallery is located 20 minutes outside of Chicago in NW Indiana in the Historic Downtown District of Whiting, Indiana.

Other Exhibiting Artists: Dawn Diamantopoulos, John Kramer,
Dawn Diamantopoulos describes her art “History Repeats:”
My ink drawings are layered levels of writings. Technically, I wanted these drawings to have the feeling of some etchings I had created in college. At that time, I used writings on separate levels of bitings, none of which were readily legible. The layering of writings and washes allows for some pieces to be visible and some to remain hidden. All of the layers support the theme of each piece, which is masked as the first layer, and therefore easily read.  I began this series, “History Repeats,” based on writings about a specific time frame. While looking for the theme phrases, I found that they applied to more than one area of my life. This brought to mind how history repeats itself and the George Santayana quote “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I began to think of my life as a circle spinning, rather than a time line. The feelings and ideas in my head were being repeated and relived for entirely new reasons. The writings are very personal, like pages from my diary, but I have found that they are universally true.

The center is organized by the 119th Street Artists, a non-profit group that seeks to bring an appreciation of the fine arts to people in all walks of life and to provide support and encouragement to Midwestern artists.  For further information about the center and this event, view their web site at

About Leon Sarantos

Leon Sarantos originally grew up in the Midwest and currently lives in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. He obtained a Bachelor of Architecture degree in the College of Arts and Architecture at the University of Michigan. After moving to Chicago, Leon continued his work in architecture and art, and began his studies in figure paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Mr.Sarantos has exhibited his work extensively in solo and group art shows on a national basis.  His website is:

Contact Information

Telephone: 773-288-1944

More figurative art by Leon Sarantos:

About Dawn Diamantopoulos

Dawn was raised in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, which she happily left, to attend college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BFA in Fine Arts in 1992, having majored in Fine Arts – Printmaking and minored in the History of Art. Her artwork often revolves around memories, both good and bad. Most recently, her paintings are about trying to find a happy place to be in mentally, in relation to being a caregiver for a disabled child. To this end, her figurative abstract pieces are beginning to take on a landscape feel. Her most recent painting series is titled Safety, with a subseries America.

Dawn Diamantopoulos