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© Liz Nielsen

4125 W. Melrose St.
Chicago, Illinois 60641
September 17th, 2011 - September 17th, 2011
Opening: September 17th, 2011 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Other (outside main areas)
photography, mixed-media, installation, modern, sculpture


A one-night-only exhibition at Floor Length and Tux
Saturday, Sept. 17th

7pm - 10pm

2332 W. Augusta #3F
Chicago IL 60622

FLAT 10 will be the third installment of the FBI (Feline Behavioral Institute, series, a recurring group project in which new works are inspired by the behavior and aura of cats.

Promo pics:

FBI began as a cat-themed mini-exhibit embedded within the larger COMA 15 show at the California Occidental Museum of Art in 2007. The second installment was a more full-fledged affair at Swimming Pool Project Space in 2009, which coincided with a canine fashion show organized by Liz Nielsen.


EDRA SOTO will present ecclesiastical portraits based on her unstable, extremely neurotic and sadly departed Tito, a solemn respect of all the years of joy and pain that he inflicted on her household.

Edra Soto (b. Puerto Rico) is a Chicago-based artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally, including Roots & Culture, El Museo de Puerto Rico and the MCA 12x12.

JON BOLLO will present drawing of anthropomorphic cats, clad in Old Testament garb inspired by children's Bible illustrations of the 60's and 70's, reacting oddly to communication technologies.

Jon Bollo is a draughtsman, sculptor, filmmaker and educator based in Chicago.

LIZ NIELSEN will present her photographs of “ghost cats”, taken in the dark and often only visible from a particular angle, which are inspired by the sneakiness of felines.

Liz Nielsen is a New York based artist who co-directed the Swimming Pool Project Space in Chicago from 2008-2011 ( She also recently curated the Goffo section of the NEXT Fair at Art Chicago.

ERIK WENZEL launched his Cats From Art History blog this summer (, which will be showcased during the exhibit. The blog is not only his curation of feline depictions, but only his personal organizing principle.

Erik Wenzel is a Chicago artist who recently relocated to Berlin, and is the author of the Art or Idiocy blog (, as well as the senior staff writer for ArtSlant.

CATIE OLSON will, true to traditional FBI form, curate a small mini-show embedded within FLAT 10 that will take place inside of a fishtank, with live fish as the audience. Featured artists: Angela Lopez, EC Brown, Dawn Reed, Carl Warnick, Chris Hefner and herself.

Catie Olson is an artist and filmmaker who organizes the Spiderbug short-film series ( She is ½ of Floor Length and Tux.

EC BROWN will present painting fragments depicting an antiquated research agency amid astral projections of H.P. Lovecraft.

EC Brown is a painter and exhibition organizer who co-directed the COMA exhibition space from 2006-2008 (, and recently initiated the ASCII exhibition series ( He is ½ of Floor Length and Tux.

About the FLAT series:
Catie Olson and EC Brown have conducted Floor Length and Tux exhibitions from their home since February 2009. These single-evening events are the result of an extended relationship with small selections of artists.