Architectural drawing: From Wright to Goldberg

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Boyleston Tower (detail), 1972 © Courtesy of the artist and ArchiTech Gallery
Architectural drawing: From Wright to Goldberg

730 North Franklin St.
Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60654
September 9th, 2011 - December 31st, 2011

River North/Near North Side
Wed-Sat 12-5, or by chance or appointment on Monday or Tuesday
works on paper drawing


Architectural drawing is not just for architects. The cubists of the early 20th Century may have thought they were onto something new when they abstracted reality in that manner but architects have known for centuries that their technical drawings can show an object from all sides.

Isometric perspectives can picture a building's various planes as a transparent jigsaw puzzle. "Shop" drawings sometimes overlapped elevations and plans onto one sheet of paper. Conceptually speaking, a building's actual plan will never again be seen when the building is finally built.

20th Century architectural drawings range from idealized perspectives made to sell the project to flattened elevations and abstracted plans. Frank Lloyd Wright and his renderers used all these to both sell the idea to the client and communicate to the workmen how to assemble all the parts.

Abel Faidy, long one of Chicago's most eccentric modernists, created dozens of pencil drawings in his Villa Dionysos designs to express the "Golden Section" while inadvertently picturing the extreme class differences of those who were to work and live in that magnificent embassy.

And long before computers changed an architect's tools forever, Bertrand Goldberg built some of the most astonishing and complex buildings of the 20th Century using the same methods that countless builders have used for thousands of years.

ArchiTech Gallery, Chicago's only commercial gallery of architectural art, has assembled works by Wright, Goldberg and other masters of the medium to tell this story of 20th Century architecture.

This exhibition and sale of important works on paper begins Friday, September 2nd and runs through Saturday, December 31st, 2011.