In Gallery 2\, ELIJAH BURGHER\, pres ents works on paper that address magick and sexuality. The show opens on Friday\, March 16th\, 2012 with a free public reception from 5 to 8pm and will run through April 14th\, 2012. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday\, 11am to 6pm and by appointment.

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Yes\, we do hatch fantasies in shitty apartments in va rious cities around the world. You move from that car passing to the urban environment to the lives we live in those places as under-employed artists\ , and the frame expands outward metonymically to the recession and Wall Str eet and permanent war and a much larger and troubling historical ground. My point is that I'm concerned that the "real" intrude rudely in the work. Th at's a point I'm trying to push more directly in the drawings I am making r ight now.

-Elijah Burgher\, November 2011

El ijah Burgher makes small\, colored pencil drawings that utilize ideas from magick and the occult to address sexuality\, sub-cultural formation and the history of abstraction. Citing early 20th century occultist\, Austin Osman Spare’s system\, Burgher draws sigils—emblems to which magical power is im puted. By recombining the letters that spell out a wish into a new symbol\, Burgher’s pictures of sigils literally encode desire while embodying it ab stractly through shape\, color and composition. Through precise\, repetitiv e marks\, he endows his drawings with a sense of all-over intentionality. H is figurative works often depict naked men conducting rituals in rented roo ms or wooded landscapes. They draw the ritual circle\, invoke the dead\, or cut symbols into one another. Others portray counter-cultural queer icons or betray a prurient attitude towards art history’s storehouse of imagery. At stake are a concern with human relationality and a desire to close the g ap between fantasy and reality.

This is Elijah Burghe r’s first solo show at Western Exhibitions. He has exhibited at 2n d Floor Project in San Francisco\, Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago\, Lump in Raleigh\, NC\, and The NY Art Book Fair in New York. Burgher was a cont ributor to AA Bronson &\; Peter Hobbs’ Invocation of the Queer Spirits publication this winter an d collaborated with Terence Hannum on the zine\, A Cataract of Fire &am p\; Blood. Burgher received his MFA from the School of the Art Institu te of Chicago and BA from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxeville\, NY. He li ves and works in Chicago.

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