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Feedback from our customers and artists;

"It was really a enjoyable experience for me, to have Kaye (Art Consultant) and the ArtSlant team 
working together at such a highly professional level. I was amazed with the speed and control ArtSlant
have over the whole process of selling art works. And it was handled in a such a manner, that I
didn't  lose  any of my creative time, which is very important for me, like any artist. 
Thank you once again!"
Antoaneta Melnikova- Hillman 2010

"I was running out of ideas and time to get my daughter something cool for her birthday when I came across "Madonna" by Xany from ArtSlant.  I chose the "print on canvas" option with a more ornate frame and it turned out GORGEOUS!  Plus, it came right away.  Thanks, ArtSlant!  I'll DEFINITELY be shopping here again." Chris, 2010


"Having just unpacked my first painting purchased through, I can not speak highly enough of the site. The total experience from browsing through artist profiles to actually buying a work was great. I appreciated the insightful advice and perspective from the Art Consultant, especially as this was the first time I have purchased an artwork without seeing it first hand. It made the experience of an online art gallery as close as I imagine it could be to being there in person. Thanks" Sophia 2010

"What shocked and pleased us was Artslant's eagerness to pay us our due reward upon sale. Most places delay and limit paying out." David Preader (artist). 2010


"I'm very satisfied with the cooperation. I work with professional people, get professional service and I have good results. I work with some different web-galleries and I have to place Artslant at the first position by quality of service, and result. ArtSlant has sold three original works for me in the SalesRoom.  Thank you, Teisha and Artslant."  Best regards, Ruslan. 2010

"Working with my Art Consultant is as good as standing in a huge gallery and getting some personalized help from a qualified salesperson. The selection offered on is large enough to fill thousands of galleries. My Art Consultant is always there to answer my questions and provide me with any information that I might need in order to make my purchase a pleasant experience. Thank You", Sas Wakim 2010

"My relationship with Artslant has been congenial from the very first day I uploaded my art. When the Sales Room was launched, the Art Consultants were very helpful and, when someone expressed an interest in buying some of my paintings, my Art Consultant promptly forwarded the client's queries, even as I was travelling in France. All through our dialogue, Teisha was not only efficient and professional, but also very kind and considerate."
Kind regards, Marie-Paule 2010

“Artslant has been very easy to work with. They responded immediately, with useful information about the art work I was interested in.” -- Jennie 2010

"Hi Rod,

I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service Artslant guys provide. I sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business. I attribute having the confidence to pursue my passion for painting largely to Artslant. It is joyful, fulfilling, relaxing. An experience, which enables me to contact and dialogue with some wonderful artists around the globe. Painting in this environment gives me a unique experience."

"My experience of taking part in the contests is that it is a very particular and a very special way of working. I have taken part in many different websites, but I find that Artslant aims to develop artists creatively and emotionally. And importantly, it generates a lot of traffic. Jai Ho ArtSlant!" --Seshadri.  2010

"ArtSlant is the first place which opened my eyes to the huge possibilities of marketing my art on the internet. Through their unique activities, I have learned a lot of things such as how to make connections with other artists all over the world. From this introduction, ArtSlant has grown in many impressive ways.  I appreciate their first class customer service."  -- Hiroko Sakai. 2010


"I am very pleased with my ads on ArtSlant : the traffic to my website has tripled and I had an increasing number of Giclee Prints sales." --Mary Mansey 2010

"I've had a busy year since advertising with ArtSlant, two solo exhibitions and my current exhibition "Edenistic Divergence" at the Riverside Art Museum.  I'm grateful for the exposure my art has received through advertising with ArtSlant, my website receives nearly 1,000 visitors a month! I excitedly look forward to future opportunities to exhibit with curators and galleries from around the world who are introduced to my paintings and installations on ArtSlant!" -- Kimber Berry 2010

"Since I started using ArtSlant, the hits to my website have increased by at least 300%, and I'm in two simultaneous shows for the first time -- in Coos Bay, Oregon and San Rafael, CA." -- Arthur Comings 2010

"My website has seen a dramatic increase in hits since advertising on ArtSlant. When attending art events in and around Los Angeles I have also noted a sizable increase in recognition - people come up to me, shake my hand, and say "Hi Melissa I'm familiar with your work.  I have also received a lot of international attention, for instance, I've been invited to the Florence Biennale several times, and I've been invited to show in other European locations as well. I credit all of this increased attention and awareness to my advertising at ArtSlant. I view this as the best investment in my career I have ever made. Thanks ever so much" --Melissa Ann Lambert 2010

[Since advertising with ArtSlant] "There have been some galleries in France and Russia who have contacted me.  One was an invitation to a gallery in Paris, and I decided to accept. Thanks for your nice work!" --Renming Cheng 2010

"The marketing tool ArtSlant provides reaches a lot of people without the use of any direct mail campaign, and can generate a lot of traffic into the gallery during the opening reception.   I have had two opening receptions (using Artslant ads to promote them) in 2010, both have been very successful  with a wide range of art collectors, artists and critics coming to the shows. The best endorsement I would offer is: Would I use them for my next exhibition this January in New York?  The answer is Yes.  I look forward to working with ArtSlant's amazing team to build my Advertisement, based on my art image, and find the solution that will provide the best results for me..."--Davyd Whaley 2010

Solution Graphics

The above payment systems work with Paypal, which we accept.

ArtSlant also accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express direct payments.