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The Spring 2018 residency runs April 1–April 29. Application deadline: February 18, 2018.

How do I apply?

At the bottom of this page, click on click here to apply to the residency. The link is active only when the application period is open. Enter and save your application materials in the fields provided. You may save and edit your application materials as many times as you wish before submitting. Once your materials have been submitted, they cannot be altered. You may, however, continue building your portfolio on your ArtSlant profile after submitting your application's written materials. Be advised that applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so it is recommended that the applicant's profile is in a polished and presentable state when written application materials are submitted.

Once you have submitted your written materials there will be prompts on how to pay the $25 admin fee.


When is the deadline to submit my application and when does the residency start/end?

The application period for the Spring Term of April 1 - April 28, 2018 is January 9, 2018 - February 10, 2018. 


Do I need to be a member of ArtSlant to enter?

Yes, you must have at least a free profile on ArtSlant to apply. This just makes it easier for us to keep track of entries.


Must I be a resident of the United States to apply?

No. Applicants from around the world are welcome to apply. However, you are responsible for procuring any relevant visas necessary for your time in New York. Most nationalities will be able to take part in the residency with only a tourist visa. Please contact your local embassy for more details.


Is there an age limit to apply?

Applicants must be 21 years or older to be eligible for the residency.


Must all submission materials be in English?

Sorry, but yes. While ArtSlant is a global community that supports the use of many languages on its profiles and forums, we hope to further international dialogue and understanding through artistic practice and this requires the use of the defacto international language of English. 


What is a Statement of Intent? What should it include?

A Statement of Intent outlines the project that you hope to complete while at the residency. It's a very important document in that we will see what you hope to accomplish and should express both your ideals, goals and steps you will take in achieving those goals during the residency. Please be as specific as possible.


Can the project I propose be the completion of a project that is currently underway?

Absolutely. In fact, this might be preferable, depending on the project. The proposed project could be used to further an existing project or a work in progress (e.g. a book, a photo series) or to bring a current project to a close as the residency is only four weeks in length.


Is there only one residency position?

No, there are three to four available slots.


Are the dates of the residency flexible?



Do you need written recommendations or just contact details from my references?

Please provide contact details for your two references. No written letters of recommendation are required.


Who makes a good reference?

Anyone that can speak to your character both as an artist/writer or as a person. It is best to have one professional reference that can speak to your ability in project management and the quality of your writing and work as well as someone who can speak to your ability to productively work in a context such as the residency provides.


My CV is formatted in a specific way, is there a way I can upload it as a .pdf, .doc, etc.?

We do not accept external document uploads at this time. You'll have to cut and paste the CV, and work within the text box to make it look how you like. In the text box you can upload jpgs, format lists, etc. For more help on the possibilities of the Rich Text Box, to add links, videos, etc, try this FAQ. We understand that there are formatting limitations with this, so we are not judging the CV on its visual presentation, but solely judging it on content.


What role does my profile play in selection?

The selection committee will look to your profile to see your art and writing as evidence of what you are capable of doing during the residency. The quality of your work on your profile as well as the quality of your profile will very much be taken into consideration. You do not need a paid profile subscription to be considered.


I have artwork or writing relevant to my application that I would like to showcase more than other work, how do I ensure this is what is viewed by the selection committee? 

We recommend citing the work you believe to be specific to your application in your statement of intent. Please hyperlink these citations to each specific work. If you have a premium or a standard profile subscription, you may create a folder of work relevant to your application. Please designate this folder as PROCESS PARK.


Am I eligible to apply if I've written for or been employed by ArtSlant in the past?



I'm a creative writer (poet, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, etc.), and I'm working on a book. Can I apply to the residency?



Who will be choosing the resident and what are their backgrounds?

The ArtSlant editors and facilitators of chaNorth Artist Residency will make selections.


How will the artist/writer be judged and how can this be defined?

The judges select the resident based on their work, application, and performance during the interview process.


Still have some questions?

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