Special Edition: EXPO CHICAGO - Klein Artist Works

Klein Artist Works

Klein Artist Works is a 12-week online course that empowers artists by demystifying the the art world. In the live webinars, artists are introduced to art experts, such as Simon de Pury, Jerry Saltz and others, and are given the tools needed to develop a successful art career. Everyone gets personal attention, individualized assistance with strategy and artist statement, and a real or virtual studio visit.

Paul Klein, the creator of the course, leads dynamic sessions with experts: curators, dealers, accomplished artists, art publicists, art consultants, accountants, lawyers and more. Paul Klein is a SupporTED Mentor for TED Fellows, writes for Huffington Post and ArtLetter and ran his own cutting edge, Chicago gallery, Klein Art Works, for 30 years.

The next course begins Sept. 24th. For more information please visit Klein Artist Works.