Zhu Wei: On Our China Watchlist

(Image: Zhu Wei , Holidays No.2,  2010,  Ink and color on paper; 67 x 48 cm ; © Zhu Wei)

Zhu Wei (b. 1966, Beijing, China)

Zhu Wei is the world’s most renowned contemporary Chinese ink painter and the art form’s most important explorer. He is also among the very first group of distinguished contemporary Chinese artists recognized by the international art audience in the nineties of the 21st century.

Amongst the vast outstanding group of contemporary Chinese artists, Zhu Wei is one of the very few who chooses to use traditional ink painting technique to depict the social sceneries in modern days’ China. His paintings make up for an area that has often been overlooked in contemporary Chinese art, art that have local painting elements. His effort in research improves the chances of contemporary art to be relevant in China and makes it a substantial phenomenon. It allows the world to see paintings with authentic Eastern origins, to read its contemporary values, thoughts and above all, its power.

His current sculptural work is on view at Walsh Gallery till Feb 26 2011.

Education:Graduated from the Art College of the People's Liberation Army, 1989 . Graduated from the Beijing Academy of Film, established his own studio, Zhu Wei Art Den, 1993.

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(Text Source: Zhu Wei Art Den)

Holidays No.2 假日二号


Ink and color on paper