Digitally preserving The Chinese Rock Art

(Excerpt from 'ASU helping China digitally preserve rock art' posted on Archaeology Daily News; Aug 2010. Found on


Arizona State University lends assistance to help preserve cultutal heritage of China.

China has a rich cultural heritage that stretches far into the distant past. In recent years, China has invested increasing efforts in preserving this heritage for present and future generations. This is an enormous task, involving many thousands of archaeological and historic sites, but Chinese archaeologists lack training in new computer technologies that make similar preservation efforts manageable in the United States.

Michael Barton, a professor in Arizona State University's School of Human Evolution and Social Change in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has co-led The Chinese Rock Art Recording and Exchange Project aimed at bringing digital technology to remote areas of China to help preserve archaeological and cultural sites.

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(Image: Courtesy Archaeology Daily News)