Mark-Making: Trento Night

by Gregg Chadwick Far from the haze of Milan, stars glimmer in the clear night sky over Trento. The city hums on this sultry night. Trento at night is like a Fellini film: an otherworldly beauty tinged with memory. An elegant woman in a black slip of a dress slides by silently. Only the sound of the water flowing from Neptune's fountain can be heard. The actress Francesca Neri was born in Trento. Perhaps she is the siren gliding by us? Much of Italy often feels like a movie set. Intimate squares and piazzas backed by stage lit cathedrals and frescoed corridors. As if in a film... [more]
Posted by Gregg Chadwick on 2/15

You Are Invited- Jan 28, 2017 1-3pm - Panel Discussion Moderated by Gregg Chadwick - Art In the Time of Trump

Gregg Chadwick The Future Is Woke 40”x30” oil on linen 2017 With millions of others, I marched this weekend in the #WomensMarch. Our crowd in Los Angeles numbered around 750,000. The Future Is Woke is the first in a series of paintings exploring this time of change. Artists often use their creations as a sort of reflecting device that mirrors and focuses the viewers attention on social and political change. As Marvin Gaye sang so poignantly- “What’s going on.” As we carry the spirit of the Women's March forward: On Saturday, Ja... [more]
Posted by Gregg Chadwick on 1/25

Thank You President Obama

Gregg Chadwick "A Walk With Obama: January 20, 2017" 18"x24" oil on linen 2017 #art #POTUS #beauty #change #hope Rain covers the Los Angeles basin this morning as President Obama leaves office. I want to take a moment to thank you, Barack Obama, for 8 years of hard work and commitment to affordable health care for all, LGBTQ equality, transgender rights, environmental protections, and so much more. Today and tomorrow and forever, I honor Barack Obama who led this country with wisdom, dignity, and compassion. [more]
Posted by Gregg Chadwick on 1/20

Tonight! - Please Join Me as I Open My Studio at the 12th Anniversary of the Santa Monica Art Studios

Gregg ChadwickStealing Home (Jackie Robinson)8"x8" oil on canvas 2016 At the Santa Monica Art Studios, I am part of a community of artists - driven to create, share knowledge and experience, and help the community at large. This weekend, I would be honored to have you join the long list of visitors to my studio #15 at the Santa Monica Art Studios. Saturday, October 8 from 6-9pm Sunday, October 9 from 1-5pm 3026 Airport Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405 [more]
Posted by Gregg Chadwick on 10/8/16

Off to Memphis!

by Gregg Chadwick Gregg Chadwick Elvis Presley (Suspicion) 36”x36” oil on linen 2016 In the Exhibition: One in a Million L Ross Gallery August 2 - 27, 2016 Reception 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, August 5, 2016. 5040 Sanderlin, Suite 104, Memphis, Tennessee 38117 901-767-2200 [more]
Posted by Gregg Chadwick on 8/2/16