Bad Gateway

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Bad Gateway

Rue Fourmoisstraat 9
1050 Bruxelles
June 22nd, 2013 - July 20th, 2013
Opening: June 22nd, 2013 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Center - Uptown
+32 (0) 484 966 647
Thursday to Saturday, 2 to 7pm and by appointment
digital, installation, video-art

I enjoy pop culture, I enjoy software, I gave up on sugar, I went pro-health, I enjoy the sun, I enjoy good food, I love my girlfriend and I quit hatin'.
And for me, art is a form of self-expression, which is in my case directly related to my personal life and interests. It's not political, it's not really conceptual. It is what it is, it's honest.

My new favorite type of candy is eyecandy.

Yannick Val Gesto

Yannick Val Gesto's language comes from two kinds of aesthetic which seem to bear little in common albeit they belong to the same generation: the lo-fi-punk graphic design of DIY fanzine and underground publication; and the cold organicity of post Playstation graphics.
For Bad Gateway, his first solo show, he took a instant shot of his current state of mind, for he belongs to this familly of artists who thinks art is based on self-experience. But what means "experience" when you travel the world online, when your memory is externalized and you watched yourself through the eyes of several avatars? Yannick Val Gesto, as a mere sub-culture herald, answers this from the inside, avoiding all the usual clichés carried by the mainstream media. But he's not occulting the downside of the cyber-monk life, whose brain is infused with junk food. Bad Gateway, namely, a connection related problem, offers mainly two recent series of multi-layered digital collages on plexi: three large formats depict a kind of nightmarish danmaku (*), happening directly in your brain or bowels, admist techno-tribal patterns; the other series are like personal notes on a paleo-myspace, including snippets of favorite mangas, mainstream house music and love situation. 

On a technical level, I enjoy playing around with different types of software. I like the idea of using games and cgi as a point of reference and inspiration. The internet is an infinite resource of information and i enjoy scavenging all kinds of archived websites, forums, abandoned social platforms,... 
It's very challenging to combine these different found elements into 'a piece of art', you end up with contradictory combinations of cultural phenomena, sometimes this works & sometimes it doesn't. My work ethic is based on speed, production and trial & error. 
I try to approach the images I produce as paintings, as full fledged compositions. I enjoy having this balance between chaos and order within the images, even when the piece is iconic or simple in its composition. 

(*) danmaku: a niche kind of japanese video games, a shooting game based on speed and complex graphic patterns.


About Yannick Val Gesto, by Alexandra Crouwers;
"Much of Yannick Val Gesto's work arises in the obscure depths of the internet. Here, the world wide web serves as a limbo and receptacle for images and ideas that once seemed fashionable and innovative or were never really finished. Due to the lack of distinction the internet's memory makes between national borders and continents, cultural backgrounds, popular or intellectual activities, games or historical information, this parallel world consists mainly of extreme intercultural hybrid content.

Val Gesto digs through this massive amount of cyber-wreckage as a modern archaelogist and digital anthropologist, quoting his finds while recycling it into his own visual language, which sees the light of day in the form of (3D animated) videos, installations and digital prints.
Within his work, these internet legends are transformed into contemporary myths, game characters receive the same status as Medieval saints, whilst abstract and multi-layer processed images refer to ancient engravings and paintings, yet also to the remarkable universal - and sometimes excessive kitsch - aesthetics of a large part of active Internet users."