Overlapping Exhibition-Construct #1: Pieter Vermeersch

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© Courtesy of Appartement Elisa Platteau
Overlapping Exhibition-Construct #1: Pieter Vermeersch

Varkensmarkt 12 rue du Marché aux Porcs
1000 Bruxelles
September 7th, 2012 - November 3rd, 2012

Center - Downtown
Thur-Sat 2-6 pm & on appointment


“My eagerness to join you was justified, as was my impatience, so firstly, thank you for your
hospitality... After the other guests had gone, I was silent in your company... At first we treated one another as strangers, formally and with caution, later becoming accustomed... We talked, drank and often laughed... the time spent with you was carefree and relaxed.

We talked of many things, found a pace that was mutual... and, of course, avoided accountability"

Marc Camille Chaimowicz - Cafe do Reve

A modernistic apartment on the 10th floor, uptown downtown, a temporary endeavour.

Things accumulate; it is as if each temporary encounter leaves traces forever, un-erasable, as layers of wallpaper layering one over the other. Foreground becomes background. That what mattered, is at most a frame for what matters now...perpetually. Many small things in the apartment, details of the rooms, are choices; the lamps are, the door handles are, the artworks are, ultimately they all become background, they become the apartment themselves. The relationship with the work, with the accumulated work, with the short history of the place only intensifies. The skyline of Brussels is always there, but not as a protagonist, one can ignore or embrace it.

Do the works hang there to please you; to remind you? Perhaps. Is there certain lightness in the air?

Perhaps. "... Melancholy and the graciousness of a lost age...“ Perhaps - but also not.
The apartment belongs to somebody; the environment is personal. Even if one can trace specific choices, the personal remains - it is still a home.

The apartment of Elisa Platteau is an intimate place were one can see onl a few things at the time. Too much might offend, might impose; never too much, always moderated: elegance is perhaps the main asset... The space is framed; it is two spaces, two rooms, two doors, two windows, two (and one) terrace - one simple relationship; on environment where one is either with many, or with two, or alone.

Kersten Geers

Appartement Elisa Platteau will host exhibitions for one year. Guests will be invited to visit the apartment and see works in an intimate setting. Over time, new works will be added to form an overlapping exhibition-construct.

Appartement Elisa Platteau’s first exhibition will show an in-situ painting of Pieter Vermeersch and inaugurates together with his solo show at Elisa Platteau & Cie Galerie on Friday 7th of September 2012.