Domesticated Souls

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© Courtesy of the Artist and A.L.I.C.E.
© Courtesy of the Artist and A.L.I.C.E.
© Courtesy of the Artist and A.L.I.C.E.
Domesticated Souls

4 rue du pays de Liège
1000 Brussels
September 7th, 2012 - October 26th, 2012
Opening: September 7th, 2012 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Center - Downtown
+32 2 513 33 07
Wed-Sat 2-6 and by appointment
collage, installation, sculpture


Artists of the last few generations have been brought up with digital images, fast sequences of computer- or television pictures and busy street traffic in the metropolis all over. They are inured to the possibilities of the internet and the overwhelming access to images and moving pictures. At the same time the longing for a life close to nature and greenery is striking the mind. All these experiences become obvious in some artistic practices and the gallery wants to show an array of different approaches to dealing with modern viewing habits in our domesticated environments.

The theme of a ‘domesticated or wild’ nature in our living environment responds to a need to get back in touch with ourselves, like a search of an equilibrium between mankind and society in our occidental cities.

But the subject of this exhibition is not meant to be illustrated by the artists, their work is a contemplative, and sometimes humoristic response to a feeling.

The selection of artists is not based on aesthetics only.  There is a will to bring them  together as they know each other personally or share friends.  This relative proximity explains certain correlations between the works.  Although from Denmark, Israel, Italy, USA, Belgium, Canada and France, they all seem to speak the same language.


Clare Rojas (us) 1976, The artist went from a folk narative world extremely detailed to an often abstract and very geometric work inspired by architecture.

In addition to painting, Clare Rojas also performs under the moniker Peggy Honeywell. A music project that deftly traverses the folk genre. Serene and contemplative, the Peggy Honeywell project is a further exploration of the narrative landscapes that inform and define her work.

Guy Yanai (il) 1977: The artist works mainly with oil paint.  The geometric compositions of his paintings evolve the subject, starting with a feeling and little sparks on the canvas. The emotional impulse appears through a view on the street, a unusual combination of colors, a film, a plant or by internet images.

Francesco Deiana (it) : He is first of all engaged with drawings on paper, but works with installations as well.  His geometric masks and figures consist of structured triangles, which are meticulously drawn by pen.

Pica Pica (be) 1978, 1979, 1980 : The installations or the paintings of the collective resemble a patchwork of raw materials and simple forms. One means of their works is the selected accumulation of these shapes, which arrouses a particular complexity.

Mike Swaney (ca) 1978: The technique of collage dominates the work of this interdisciplinary artist. Usually he assembles drawn or painted elements with recycled paper.

Sophie d’Ansembourg (be) 1969: Her oil paintings are figurative and matter of fact, sometimes inspired by observation, sometimes her mere imagination.

Maya Hayuk (us) 1970: She is a versatile artist, who works on paper as well as on large-scale mural paintings. Her technique is based on the visible brushstrokes and the artworks bristle with colors in a psychedelic manner.

Samuel François (fr) 1977: The sculptor interrogates innocuous objects or motives of cheap decorations with the means of sculpture and graphic artworks.

Paul Wackers (us) 1978: His paintings combine abstract elements with figurative compositions of landscape or extinct nature.

HuskMitNavn (dk) 1975: The multidisciplinary artist draws his figures in a sketch style and casts them often into comic-absurd situations, which might remind the beholder of the humour of our daily routine.

Claire Decet (fr) 1978: She works in a hyperrealistic manner on still lifes of nature, dead plants or industrial sceneries. Her drawings combine different animals, shapes or objects with a surrealistic sensibility.

Chris Duncan (us) 1974: He articulates his pictorial language by the setting of points. The artist also realises installations with threads, which are stretched out in space.

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine (fr) 1972: He mixes the bourgeois codes with these of the city, in order to get the shift of meaning across to a broader public. His graphical treetops consist of little burned points on the printpaper, maded by pyrogravure.


Is the fifth edition of Brussels gallery weekend, gathering together 37 contemporary art galleries from all around the city.
 After the great success of past few years, we are very pleased to announce Brussels Art Days 2012 edition which will be extented this time to a 3 day weekend.
 Looking forward to welcome you, we wish you a great journey.

Brussels Art days 2012

Friday September 7 from 4 to 9PM

Saturday September 8 from noon to 7PM

Sunday September 9 from noon to 7PM