call for applications: artist in residency program at Autobody Fine Art

Autobody Fine Art Gallery
1517 Park Street
Alameda, CA 94501
Instructors: Dickson Schneider/Jacqueline Cooper
4 Month Program
June 1 - September 31st
Instruction begins June 4th
The residency at Autobody is an innovative program of art making, study and criticism culminating in a gallery show. We are looking for dedicated and committed artists who want to make the transition to emerging artists. 
The Autobody Fine Art Program is currently soliciting artists for our Artist in Residency/Fine Art Program. We are seeking hardworking, emerging artists who are in the process of establishing their professional careers.  The Program exists to help artists consolidate a body of work through rigorous engagement with their practice and participation in regularly scheduled group critiques. The four month Program is situated in the Autobody Fine  Art Gallery/Studio facility on Alameda Island. Artists recently completing an undergraduate art degree are our main focus, but any artist who displays a seriousness of purpose and dedication to their work will gladly be considered. Our emphasis is primarily artists working in two dimensional media (painting/drawing).

Selected artists are expected to spend the Residency Program producing work which will culminate in a Gallery show at the end of the four month period. This exhibition can either take the form of a group show or a series of two person exhibitions (to be decided upon by participating artists). Students will be required to oversee all aspects of this exhibition and Autobody Fine Art will assist with PR, marketing and provision of a 1500 person email list.
Autobody Fine Art provides selected artists with a shared studio space within the gallery. Bathroom and kitchen space are shared with other artists. The residency is $800.00 for the four month period, including 24 hour access for the majority of the duration of the Residency (dark dates determined by rotating exhibition schedule) and there is no application fee. The Residency will begin on June 1st and scheduled tuition days are every Tuesday evening from 7:00pm - 10:00pm with an option to audit a second class at no additional cost on a Wednesday evening. Easel and wall space for each resident will be allocated at the start of the program. During the course of the Residency working professional artists will be invited to lecture and do studio visits on selected Tuesdays. It is expected that residents will take advantage of this opportunity.
Artists are required to submit a CV, a short statement about what they would like to work on during their residency, and 10-15 images of their work. Ideally, artists will submit digital images of their work. Instructors Dickson Schneider and Jacqueline Cooper will conduct interviews of artists who pass the first round of screening. Selected artists are expected to  All materials and any inquiries about the application process should be sent to: We look forward to hearing from you.