Where Is Ana Mendieta? Inspiring a New Generation of Artists Today

by Maya-Roisin Slater
On the 8th of September, 1985, Cuban-American performance and multi-media artist Ana Mendieta fell naked from the window of her 34th floor apartment. The fatal fall occurred in the presence of her then husband, minimalist sculptor Carl Andre, who was subsequently charged with her murder. Despite evidence, including Mendieta’s acute fear of heights, which would have presumably kept her at a distance from the apartment’s large sliding glass windows, and witness statements claiming they heard an... [more]
Posted by Maya-Roisin Slater on 9/15

Final Day to Apply! + Announcing the ArtSlant Prize IX Round 7 Jurors

by The Artslant Team
  Round 7 closes today, Friday, September 14! Apply today for your chance at $5k in prizes! To apply, sign in to, click the menu navicon (three horizontal bars in upper right corner that look like a tiny Donald Judd) and select ArtSlant Prize.  We are very pleased to announce that this round's jurors are  See below for full bios: ROUND... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 9/14

An Exhibition of Afro-Cuban Art Unmasks the Legacy of Racism in Cuba

by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska
At the heart of the exhibition áscaras (Without Masks), currently at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana, is the inherent contradiction between socialism’s ideals of equality and the lived experiences of racism for Cuban artists of African descent. Centering the Afro-Cuban experience, its complex social and political history, and the censorship of voices seeking to expose inequalities, Sin Máscaras is described as the largest and most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to contemporary... [more]
Posted by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska on 9/13

Christopher Squier Answers 5 Questions

by The Artslant Team
  What are you trying to communicate with your work? I create darkly humorous cultural artifacts, reflecting on contemporary infrastructures and how dislocation and wreckage are embedded within modern political geographies. What is an artist’s responsibility? Artists have the opportunity to work outside of the velocity and hyperactivity of other industries, and therefore to focus on unusual—and sometimes even trivial—topics, to find ways to connect them to larger conversations.... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 9/11

The Artists and Engineers Transforming Pollution into Pigment

by Priyanka Sacheti
Last February, at St+art India’s open-air street art festival in Delhi’s Tughlakabad area, a work by prominent Indian street artist Daku caught my eye: the word “BREATHE” stretched in simple black letters across the length of a white wall. It was a nod to the fact that the noxious Delhi air makes it one of the most polluted cities in the world, but “breathe” also had more hopeful allusions: the work’s ink was abstracted from PM2.5 (particulate matter, a type of atmospheric pollution), the heavy... [more]
Posted by Priyanka Sacheti on 9/8

Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Carrie Gates

by Christian Petersen
Carrie Gates is digital artist and VJ (video jockey) based in Saskatoon, Canada. She has been creating live video magic since the early 2000s. In her own words, she makes “sound-reactive 3D processing and unusual rhythmic juxtapositions to create throbbing, psychedelic, responsive compositions that add a new dimension of interaction and intrigue to any environment.” Gate’s wildly exciting visual performances are formed from eclectic video assets she creates using a variety of techniques. The... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 9/6

Final Week to Apply to Round 7 of the ArtSlant Prize

by The Artslant Team
The ArtSlant Prize is an annual competition hosted by Up for grabs are exhibition and sales opportunities including inclusion in our Amazon Art Sales Platform, and great exposure—not to mention cash prizes for selected ArtSlant Prize winners.  To apply, sign in to, click the menu navicon in the upper right corner and select ArtSlant Prize. Check out the latest submissions from the ArtSlant Community on... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 9/6

Scooter LaForge and the Aesthetics of Selfhood

New York-based painter Scooter LaForge eschews the rites of passage predestined by the art world machinery of graduate programs, sanctioned residencies, and gallery hierarchy, in favor of an intuitive, exploratory approach. His decades-long career spans art, fashion and architecture—his ideas applied to canvas, clothing, buildings, and objects—and despite developing supportive networks and collaborations with ideological compatriots across these creative fields, he remains unattached to any one... [more]
Posted by DARREN JONES on 9/5

The End of Modern Curating and Artists’ Revenge

by Edo Dijksterhuis
It’s a pastime amongst art nerds: comparing favorites of past Documentas. Johan Grimonprez’s 9/11-foreshadowing video essay pops up almost immediately as one of Documenta X’s highlights. Thinking of the eleventh edition of Kassel’s mega-show brings to mind Raymond Pettibon’s overwhelming installation of drawings and Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s appealingly awkward video works. The barque Romuald Hazoumé constructed out of jerrycans for Documenta 12, entitled Dream, had an immense impact—and the... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 9/1

Under the Radar: Gwen Gerard | Keith O. Anderson | Sara Hupas

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Gwen Gerard – France Keith O. Anderson – New York Sara Hupas –... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 9/2