Flight of the Moose

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Flight of the Moose

latex on canvas
30 x 40 inches

Price: $2420.00

Deep in the forest there is trouble. Disaster is at hand. The moose runs for his life, his antlers blazing white, with the heat of the fire approaching from all sides. Which will overtake him first, the fire, or the water? Still in the middle, his blue bottle cap eye shines bright. It will take more than fire and water to take this moose's life. The strength he finds in a will to survive, that perseveres through hardship and time, even now at the end of the age.

This painting is not one layer, but two; each one giving the other their shape. So as the fire and water comes in from all sides, threatening to take the moose's life, it shapes him in his flight. His will to survive strengthens his resolve to fight for life, and he glimpses the eternal spirit of love, that lives within us all, on the edge of destruction. Indeed, on the precipice of death, before it ends, his instinct is to live.

So the moose is a living example of those baptised in fire and water. The living water is words of love that flow throughout the Bible, proceeding from the mouth of God, giving life to the fire of the spirit, burning within us all. So we survive by having no fear, but running through the fire and water for the sake of love. And as we speak in faith with love, so shall it be given to us. Amen!

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Flight of the Moose
latex on canvas
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30 x 40 inches
Gravitational Art, canvas, unique, multilayered, color, latex, original, Flight of the Moose