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August 13th, 2009
Oil, ink & polyurethane on Archival Paper
18 x 12 x .01 inches
© Kris Haas

Price: $93.75

Original fine art on heavy weight archival paper, that is energetic, intensive, immediate, whimsical, colorful, neo-abstract expressionism, original modern oil painting with the same energy as my large pieces.

All pieces shown here are from a much larger body of work titled "1 YEAR, 10,000 PIECES, 1 ARTIST". The 1 year period ran from November 8th, 2008-November 7th, 209 and the final tally of pieces was 10,202.

One last bit about this latest body of work that started on November 8th of 2009.  It came about because of the passing of the most unique and special creature I have come to know.

Here is his story:

All paintings that are part of my mini-masterpiece series are part of a much larger quantity of work that I started on November 8th, 2008.

It was on the day I found my beloved cat named Jackson (yes after Jackson Pollock), dead of unexplained causes. All my friends know of this legendary cat by way of me telling the true story of how one day in May of 2006, while I was in my basement art studio, he comes through the opened awning window with something in his mouth. I only am noticing him out of the corner of my eye since I was more focused on a painting. Little did I know that this special one of a kind creature that I am forever grateful for being in my life, carried in his mouth, through the window, jumping down on to a table, then on to the floor and not more then two feet in front of me does he drop what was in his mouth and gave me the loudest meow that demanded my attention. When I finally looked at him and saw what was at his feet, I could not be anymore surprised and filled with a feeling of love for this special creature that brought me a fallen flower from a tree on my property.

Since then I gladly boast about this amazing creature that had brought me more flowers in his life time then any human ever has.  And that is only one of his amazing stories.

The immediacy of the moment when creating a painting has become a central theme in my work, along with the right mixture of colors and movement.  This combination helped me to convey visually what I feel, see and understand about the world around me, while needing to adhere to my nature of being spontaneous in my work as well as conforming to my own sense of anarchic state of rebellion.  In other words I do what I want in my work and could care less about what anyone thinks.

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August 13th, 2009
Oil, ink & polyurethane on Archival Paper
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18 x 12 x .01 inches
Kris Haas