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Stuart Brisley: Measurement and Division

by Mara Goldwyn
How much does an art performance cost? Can you put a price tag on a past event? Buy a memory? Peering at the price list for works displayed at Exile’s exhibition “Stuart Brisley: Measurement and Division”—which included a five-figure tag for a DVD film of a 1978 performance in London involving the artist slithering naked through rotting food after fasting for 10 days – I at first wondered what exactly was for sale. Now, I am by no means launching accusations of “selling out”, or chiding the gallery for capitalizing on that which cannot be bought or sold. I understand someone has... [more]
Posted by Mara Goldwyn on 6/20/10

Figurative Work

  Exile, the Art and Residency space in Berlin-Kreuzberg, will open its fall program by presenting two bodies of work, American Trip 1974-1978 and A Series of Human Decisions, by American artist Bill Jacobson. The exhibition brings together these two distinctly different photographic perspectives, separated by 30 years of artistic production and life experience, and explores their common grounds. The first body of work, American Trip 1974-1978, includes some of Jacobson’s very first photographs, taken shortly after turning 17 during cross-country trips, and while attending college in San Francis... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 9/9/09