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The Most Beautiful Books

For more than 50 years the most beautiful books in the German language have been showcased each year after fulfilling the criteria of being 'paradigms of design, concept and production'. The independent jury, appointed by the Stiftung Buchkunst, assesses the yearly submissions according to their conceptual design, graphic design and typography, as well as to decorative elements, the quality of the paper, print and book-binding. As an organisation, the Stiftung Buchkunst provides a critical... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 5/29/11

The Cult of the Artist

by E-Slant Team
For thousands of years the figure of the artist has stood at the centre of a multitude of creation myths and even now at the beginning of the 21st century, he is still idealized as the chosen medium of a higher world, one from which his profane contemporaries are barred. With the aid of more than 150 masterpieces taken from the collections of the National Museums in Berlin and the Berlin State Library, ‘Immortal! The Cult of the Artist' reveals the highs and lows which this metaphysical... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 12/1/08