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Featured: Emer O'Brien Echoes of remoteness and the surreal beauty of urban decay resonate when looking at the photographs of Emer O’Brien. Fascinated by the subtle antagonisms of her narrative that mingles the aesthetics of reduction and purity with allusions to a memento mori of a world gone lost, we’ll trace the artists ideas along her recent series „Contemporary Amnesia“. Born in Dublin and now based in London Emer O’Brien applies various media in her artistic undertakings – with... [more]
Posted by Emer O’Brien on 10/19/15

When no one listens any more?

by E-Slant Team
        words in papers, words in books, words on tv, words for crooks,words of comfort, words of peace, words to make the fighting cease,words to tell you what to do, words are working hard for youeat your words but dont go hungry, words have always nearly hung me....words of nuance, words of skill, and words of romance are a thrillwords are stupid, words are fun, words can put you on the run mots pressé, mots sensé, mots qui disent la verité?mots maudits, mots mentis, mots qui manquent... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 1/18/09