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The Phenomenology of Sugar

by Melissa King
Welcome to CANDYLAB. Walk amongst the sculpted molecular derivatives of glucose and color, and find and lose yourself in the plethora of sugared forms. Having opened on Berlin Gallery Weekend, Thomas Feuerstein’s solo show conflates the unlikely bedfellows of bound literature and boundless glucose. Entering into the gallery space, the viewer is treated to a mock construction of a Viennese apartment, a period setting punctuated with outlandish scientific contraptions and candy-coated... [more]
Posted by Melissa King on 5/16/13


DER TAGESSPIEGEL  Der Tagesspiegel is a broadsheet German daily national newspaper with a circulation of approximately 126,000. Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Berlin,  the newspaper is published by  Der Tagesspiegel Verlag GmbH and has a readership which is mainly located in the Western part of Berlin. Der Tagesspiegel is associated with The Wall Street Journal.   DER TAGESSPIEGEL23 July 2011  HINTER DEM SCHEIN (BEHIND THE APPEARANCE)A solo exhibition displays Luther’s ‘light’... [more]
Posted by on 7/23/11

Light Installation by Das Numen

      DAS NUMEN DAY LIGHT does not exist without an observer. The perception of the individual who experiences the installation, his thoughts and questions, observations and references, his sense of doubt and joy, disbelief and wonder – each and all are an integral part of the work, as essential as the light fixtures, sensors, cables and coverings that constitute its physical aspect. Technically, DAS NUMEN DAY LIGHT consists of one light sensor installed on a rooftop, which... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 3/27/11