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7hours HAUS 19, Reinhardtstr. 18 - 20, 10115 Berlin
mailing address only: Christiane Grüß 7hours, Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 27, 10585 Berlin
10115 Berlin
Venue Type: Alternative Space
Christiane Grüß
0049-(0)30 234 90 675

7hours arts & concerts was founded 1999 in New York. Since 2000 in Berlin. 2001 - 2004 as 7hours TURM located at neoromanesc tower of the Märkische City History Museum Berlin. Since 2005 at Campus North Humboldt-University 7hours HAUS 19. Run by Christiane Grüß.

7hours is an art and artist's space representing art works in installations, exhibitions, concerts and performances. It was founded by Christiane Grüß in New York 1999. The first exhibitions were installed for a limited duration of 7 hours.

(...) "giving space to independent thinkers at various stages fo recognition & development, without following a path of idealogy or hype" (Chris Newman)

7hours was hosting different groups like Ensemble Zwischentöne or students form CalArts and collaborating with various composers as well.

Since 2010 7hours has been starting to set up 7hours STUDY GROUPS (first time by Bill Dietz who was moderating a two years group to study voice, books and FIRE 3 by Jakob Ullmann) in 2010.

Sonja Alhäuser, Sebastian Biskup, Rick Buckley, Cornelius Cardew, Steve Dickison, Bill Dietz, Filip van Dingenen, Eugene Dubnov, Jimmie Durham, Matthias Geitel, Dale Hannon, Susanna Heller, Jårg Geismar, Till Hohn, Reinhard Jirgl, Klaus Lang, Hilarion Manero, Pia Maria Martin, Luke Murphy, Chris Newman, Oswald Newman, Edith Plattner, Norbert Prangenberg, Claudia Shneider, Howard Skempton, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Chris Taylor, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Jakob Ullmann, Martijn van Wagtendonk,  Örjan Wallert, Oliver Westerbarkey, Albert Wigand u.a.