All’orizzonte degli eventi

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Variazione (IV), 2008 Collage 74 X 55 Cm © Sommer & Kohl
All’orizzonte degli eventi

Kurfürstenstrasse 13/14
10785 Berlin
March 11th, 2009 - April 18th, 2009
Opening: March 7th, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Wed - Sat 11am - 6pm
collage, video-art




Sommer & Kohl are pleased to present the first solo exhibition with artist Deborah Ligorio (*1972, Brindisi, Italy).

"What's real and what's true aren't necessarily the same. True, for me, was from my earliest days something hidden inside the stories... True was a thing concealed just over the horizon."

Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children

In her work Deborah Ligorio examines themes and questions concerning physical, virtual and emotional space. The exhibition consists of new objects, collages and a video featuring impressions of a recent journey. Through a personal narrative Ligorio looks at a number of different ranges of perception, observing the beauty of some, the danger of others and how they may simply be a state of mind. A foggy valley in the distance – a water surface blurs into the sun reflection – a straight line of colours over the ocean. The horizon marks an abstract limit to our perception.

Event horizon is a physical and astronomical term describing the limit of perception surrounding a black hole. An observer, looking at a black hole in space-time, sees the event horizon as a spherical dark boundary. No outsider can perceive things happening beyond that horizon. No information will ever come across – perception meets the non-perceivable and yet it is only a maximal abstract limit and not an actual boundary.

In 2008 Deborah Ligorio won Il premio alla giovane arte at the 15th Quadriennale d'arte di Roma, Italy. Deborah Ligorio's works are on view in the following exhibitions: Moralische Fantasien, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany, curated by Raimar Stange and Dorothee Messmer (until 26 April 2009); Bienal del Fin del Mundo, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina,curated by Alfons Hug (from 23 April 2009).