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Kreuzbrook 10-12
20537 Hamburg
December 9th, 2016 - December 18th, 2016


Life is a Lab

Horst Güntheroth on Playing with Colors, Cake and Gravity


Copyright Horst Güntheroth, 2016, Cosmic Cake, Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 140 cm (35,4 x 55,1 in)


Quantum physics describes extremly small things and can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, materials science, and engineering. But what does this mean in relationship to the visual arts, regarding the paintings of Horst Güntheroth, among them Razzle Dazzle or Star Dust? No doubt, it is the missing link between the physics and the visual arts.


Art and sciences join forces in Horst Güntheroth‘s colorful paintings, which depict various phenomena in sciences. Using acrylic on canvas, Güntheroth carefully shows how elements merge and mingle, and gives us a greater understanding of how the microcosms within and around us works. But to follow the artist and physicist be careful and never trust in quantum physics, as he creates his own chaos, which results in Razzle Dazzle.


Copyright Horst Güntheroth, 2016, Razzle Dazzle, Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 140 cm (35,4 x 55,1 in)


About his paintings Güntheroth explains: “I must avoid my pre-existing knowledge and constructs, and enter my personal terra incognita, and I love, that my life is a laboratory.“

Using the tools and techniques of science in his creative process, Güntheroth is constantly experimenting with new ways to apply materials and methods. He is driven by curiosity and his desire to explore and document the natural and unnatural with a sense of wonder and joy.


Copyright Horst Güntheroth, 2016, Cosmic Cake 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 90 x 140 cm (35,4 x 55,1 in)


The artist, who holds a PhD in quantum physics, merges his interests as a way to imagine how interactions between elements might be happen. Having fun in experimenting with flying chocolate cakes, realizing that gravity is much stronger than ascending forces.

But Güntheroth‘s atmospheric quality results out of the process of painting, out of a dialogue between the artist and the canvas. It is a spontaneous dialogue, a conversation between aliens. Somewhat similar to Gerhard Richter who said, “my paintings are smarter than me”. Güntheroth is not considering himself inferior or superior towards his works, rather equal, on the same level.


Copyright Horst Güntheroth, 2014, Streams, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 50 cm (15,7 x 19,6 in)


Copyright Horst Güntheroth, 2004, Star Dust, Acrylic on Canvas, 120 x 160 cm (47,24 x 55,11 in)


It is the refusion of control Güntheroth brings to its reactions with a constantly-expanding variety of color spirals, dots and open space background. Similar to his methods and visual language Güntheroth uses color on a micro level to explore and express interactions, simultaneously resplendent and sophisticated. So where is your position in the universe?


Copyright Horst Güntheroth, 2016, Razzle Dazzle 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 140 x 100 cm (55,1 x 39,3 in)


To explore Güntheroth‘s recent series completely, please visit the artist in his studio in Hamburg, by appointment only.

Selected works will be showcased in Hamburg at the exhibition POSITION. from December 9-18, 2016. Invitations to Preview and VIP Party on Friday, December, 9, 2016 at 7.00 PM, upon request.




Contact Artist

Horst Güntheroth


Exhibition „POSITION.“

Curated by BBK Hamburg

December 9-18, 2016



Fabrik der Künste

Kreuzbrook 10-12

20537 Hamburg, Germany


Contact Author

Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund

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