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Melancholia, 2006-2007 Oil On Canvas 207 X 137cm © Courtesy of The Sander Collection

Karl Liebknechtstrasse 9
February 7th, 2009 - February 21st, 2009
Opening: February 7th, 2009 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

HBC Berlin, Kollektiv-Berlin, RIOTarts
David, lynch, sex, contemporary, mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual, surrealism, figurative, modern, sculpture





February 7 -21th


.HBC Karl-Liebknecht Strasse 9 / Berlin Alexanderplatz


Vernissage 6pm Saturday, February 7th

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 1-7pm

Finissage Burlesque: 8pm February 21th



"An academic definition of Lynchian might be that the term refers to a particular kind of irony where the very macabre and the very mundane combine in such a way as to reveal the former's perpetual containment within the latter.” -David Foster Wallace


Having gained iconic status as a film director, David Lynch’s broad span of artistic influence has been largely overlooked, only recently being the subject of a survey exhibition at Fondation Cartier.  LYNCHMOB proposes a first attempt to locate and trace the influence of David Lynch’s myriad contributions to contemporary art across a wide spectrum of media and artistic practices.


Curated by Emilie Trice & Christopher David, LYNCHMOB brings together a group of 30 international contemporary artists, each of whom were asked to create and contribute work stemming from, inspired by or in direct response to the oeuvre of David Lynch. The world of David Lynch is by and large a complex one, in which the darker recesses of the human psyche reveal themselves and confront the audience with glimpses of their own subconscious desires, psychological abnormalities and sexual perversions.


Utilizing the anachronistic architecture of HBC (the former Hungarian Cultural Center) as an integral part of the exhibition experience, with its veneer wood paneling, a labyrinth of rooms & hallways and an exquisitely Lynchian red-lit theater, LYNCHMOB recreates and refers to settings from Lynch's best-known films using painting, sculpture, photography, live performances and video, such as an early "bootleg" work by Douglas Gordon and Oliver Pietsch's montaged vingetts of Hollywood film footage, borrowed from movies like Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks.  Together, these works and their intertwined constructions further create a complete Lynchian environment that rapidly veers from fantasy to horror, from the mundane to the absurd


LYNCHMOB’s ultimate aim is to invoke in the viewer the same psychological and emotional response as Lynch's films and other artistic endeavors.  Stemming from the vast lexicon of compelling, if not unnerving, imagery amassed through Lynch’s diverse contributions to contemporary sub and mainstream culture, LYNCHMOB revels in the pornographic, the esoteric, the uncanny and the depraved.  David Lynch, we salute you.


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