*Research 'n Motion*

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*Research 'n Motion*

Gitschinerstrasse 94/94a
10969 Berlin
September 14th, 2013 - October 26th, 2013
Opening: September 14th, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Tue-Fri 11 am - 6 pm, Sat 12 - 4 pm


DUVE Berlin is pleased to present `RESEARCH ´N´ MOTION´, Roman Liška's first solo exhibition at the gallery; an ambitious effort to activate the artist's network in Berlin, conceived through the lens of an expanded notion of painting.

For the duration of the exhibition Liška invites several of his peers in both the fields of fine and applied arts to work within the space he has modified. The artist encourages collaboration and experimentation to manifestthe experience of the city's unconventional approaches towards cultural production. Leading up to, during, and after the conclusion of the show, Liška incorporates projects that transform the gallery space into a networked organism - dynamically expanding, contracting and fluctuating between the formats of screenings, performances, lectures and talks in the fields of fine art, choreography, graphic design, couture, poetry and music. Hence the project articulates an integrated system that informs his own process of production. Liška takes the usually static gallery space and charges it with the potential for movement by placing rotatable walls throughout the gallery, allowing for the fixed rectangle to be transformed into a variety of spatial situations for presentation, performance and contemplation.

The decision to invite collaborators into his solo presentation is a natural extension of the artist's extensive curating practice developed over the past few years whilst living in London. This strategy exemplifies Liška's approach towards exploring a practice that embraces a multiplicity of influences, specifically in a context of the discourse around expanded painting. In this definition, the contemporary painter is the agent of an idea that is motivated by a process instead of a fixed result and no longer the sole author who merely applies paint to a canvas. Instead, the exhibition space acts as a surface for the application of what in this context are painterly materials. Consisting of social moments, modular structures, bodies in motion, and wall-based elements, the artist creates a dialectic between content and context. In this case, the term painting refers to his approach to using the broadest definition of materiality to form a composition in space and time -- be it on a flat surface of a canvas or within a body with volume such as a gallery space.

Liška’s own pursuits are active inquiries into the transition from the loss of significance of materiality to a more applicable and relevant definition of the contemporary painter. In a literal sense, Liška is exposing and displaying a part of his artistic network through tangible examples and inferences by expanding the notion of what can be thought of as painting. While these actions are clearly framed in his own system using signature elements of his work, the viewer is prompted to decipher the connections between his work and the embedded efforts of those he has invited to help realize his vision.

Program details of contributions to the project *RESEARCH 'N' MOTION* by Roman Liška at DUVE Berlin / 14. September - 26. October 2013


(Schedule in order of appearance)



Born In Flamez

'Easier In Motion'

14. September / 8:32 pm

At 8:32pm on the opening night the space will fall dark, and as a strobe light emerges, Born in Flamez will perform a song, interacting with the space, the cutouts in the walls and the reflections of light.




(katja schlegel & kai seifried)

'starstyling works another space'

17. - 22. September

The starstyling design team is locating its studio to "another" place, working for one week on special items for a trip to tokyo, livestreamed!



caryl* ivrisse - crochemar

'IMAA Report # Berlin'

28. September

Presentation of the project 'IMAA - Instruction Manuals And Accessories' and introduction to 'espace d'art contemporain 14°N 61°W' in Martinique FWI, complimented by a rum tasting event.



Gesa Troch

'There Is More To Live Than This'
1. - 5. October

On the occasion of the exhibition a selection of works consisting of altered objects, hardened fabrics, rubber, glass and copper will be arranged site specifically for the show, as well as combinations of new works that are produced on site which are to be viewed as a work in progress, transforming the gallery into a work space, and giving privilege to the process rather than the result.



Peter Pleyer

'fatal abstraction'

12. October

A reading and a display of material by and about dead queer artists, and artists that died of a.i.d.s., who are relevant for the choreographic project "fatal abstraction".



Lina Lapelyte

'The days of Candy Shop'

18/19 October

Candy Shop is a song, a chamber music piece, intervention, provocation, audition and a dance class. Candy Shop reworks the games of power that are embedded in the rap songs into lullabies, narrating the story about beauty, gender and the mundane. On rare occassions Candy Shop turns into an opera.



Nina Wakeford

'Stand Up, Women Make Your Choice'

25/26. October

Several handmade items, sound recording, and song.



David Rudnick

Design for invitation and text contribution titled `Exodus 2013´



Lisanne Schulze

Photographic documentation of events

Throughout the duration of the exhibition Schulze's photographs will be wallpapered onto the movable structures within the space.