Drop The Thought

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Mona V, Simone de Beauvoir, 2011 Photography 80 X 110 Cm. © By Sabine Dehnel
Drop The Thought
Curated by: LSD Galerie Berlin

Potsdamer Str 65
May 24th, 2013 - June 22nd, 2013
Opening: May 24th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Wed-Sat 14-18h and by appoinment
photography, mixed-media, installation, conceptual


LSD Galerie Berlin is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of artist Sabine Dehnel at our gallery located at Potsdamer Strasse 65 on the 24th of May, 2013. The artist has a particularly high workload as a direct result of her involvement with a concurrent project preparing her second catalogue, which shall be released by the Hatje Cantz Publishing House as well as the continuing research related to her solo exhibition, which is scheduled to open at the Wiesbaden Museum in September, 2013.

Admittedly, the title 'Drop the Thought' is concerned with using as few words as possible, in order to concentrate on gaining the essence of something: In addition to an installation piece, a painting and a photographic work from the internationally- acclaimed series 'Mona' can also be viewed. In this case, the formal analysis of composition, the synergy of photography, and painting staged from costume and set design does not take center stage, but rather goes one step further.

The space installation entitled 'Simone' was created out of numerous antique crocheted dollies, as a result of countless hours of female hand-crafted labor over the course of several decades. The installation, which is both fragile and translucent and hanging from the ceiling, divides the room. It is a portrait in a figurative sense. It is a kind of time capsule, which dozens of women have woven in hand-crafted filigreed ornaments. Nevertheless: 'Drop the Thought'. The delicate fabric of the installation appears again in the photographic work entitled 'Mona V', in which a necklace with a portrait of Simone de Beauvoir adorns the feminine neckline, which is also clad by a crocheted top that serves to accentuate the breasts rather than to cover them. This staged texture, which, at first glance, seems to symbolically represent a conventional and traditional domestic activity, builds a strong outer contrast because it is so freely staged. Nonetheless, it interprets the figure of a feminist and intellectual icon of the 20th Century; a figure who is also remembered for her erotic dramas as well as her love life.

Recollections reach beyond the ability of pure thought. They are also linked to senses, emotions, and are therefore only partly anchored in the mind’s consciousness. Recollections can also include large territorial areas, thereby forming cultural spaces for the purpose of recollection. They can be transcendent in nature such as a baby’s facial expression that seems fully aware of another dimension. Or, they can also be used in the fight against memory loss, like of those who have died.

Consequently, 'Drop the Thought' is an exhibition by Dehnel which leaves the previous tension between choreographed media and elevates the tension-based relationship in recollection and objectivity, femininity und collective humanity, subject and transcendence as the main theme.

Born in 1971, Sabine Dehnel lives and works in Berlin. Her artworks have been displayed throughout the world. She has exhibited in galleries and institutions including Martin Asbaek Galerie in Copenhagen, Galerie MasArt in Barcelona, Columbus Art Foundation in Ravensburg, Kunstverein Ludwigshafen and Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven. Moreover, she has made countless contributions to catalogue publications as well as. Her work is also represented in important collections such as Museum Frieder Burda, National Gallery in Copenhagen, Deutsche Bank Collection, Bundesbank (German Federal Bank) and Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation NY, et al.