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Curated by: Philipp Koch

Budapester Straße 14
10787 Berlin
March 2nd, 2013 - March 2nd, 2013
Opening: March 2nd, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM




Videoscreening of 2 viodeos by Stefania Migliorati and Rebecca Agnes. Curated by Philipp Koch.

02.03.2013 from 7pm till 10pm,

Morgenstern – Galerie,

Budapester Straße 14, Berlin.

Morgenstern - Gallery is pleased to present two video works of two of the artists of the exhibition "Keep me posted!", Stefania Migliorati and Rebecca Agnes. The videos will be projected in loop during the evening on one of the walls of the upper gallery space. Both works deal with the change of perception through travelling or stay in foreign places and the influence of language on the personal experience.


Video No. 1

CARPETING THE CEILING, Stefania Migliorati, animation video,1'50'', 2012.

The video is an animation of a self-portrait in pencil made during a visit to Beijing in spring 2012. During the three-week stay was collected every morning the first thought of the day, that of the awakening. Significant moment between conscious and unconscious. Difficult to stop and requiring attention and exercise. What kind of impact has on our language the movement, the encounter with the other, a different reality/ language? How changes the language? And how long does a language take to become ours? How important is the subjectivity in this process? The video is the result of an experiment. It’s the linguistic report of my brief exchange with China. The title recalls the site-specific installation that reported on the ceiling of the room in which I slept the collected thoughts. Tribute to a passage of Species of spaces of George Perec. 

Video No. 2

I WAS HERE, Rebecca Agnes, 2D animation, 90 sec, format 16:9. 2012.

The title of the work of Rebecca Agnes recalls the naive practice of immortalizing one's own presence in a place, by taking a picture in front of a monument or writing one's name on a wall. The video shows some landscapes that are the physical reconstruction of places that do not exist except in the imagination, fantastic settings of different novels. Literature together with travel affects our view and changes our experience. We travel at various levels, as bodies in physical space, as ideas or as experiences. The selection of novels, which titles are written in their original language, tells about some places worth to visit, from the artist's point of view.