The Messages of Gravity

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© Courtesy of the artist and GRIMMUSEUM
The Messages of Gravity
Curated by: Mario Margani

Fichte Strasse 2
10967 Berlin
February 28th, 2013 - March 31st, 2013
Opening: February 28th, 2013 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

+49 (0)1577 519 38 78
Wednesday -Sunday 14-19 h
prints, installation


Grimmuseum is pleased to present The Messages of Gravity, the first solo exhibition by Luca Pozzi (1983, IT) in Berlin. The exhibition unfolds a dialogue between installations, prints and further works. On this occasion Pozzi discloses his brand new project Oracle developed over more than two years of scientific, academic and artists collaborations within the fields of Loop Quantum Gravity, String Theory and Non Commutative Geometry. In pursuit of crossing paths and hybrid efforts, The Messages of Gravity asserts a fruitful exchange within the fields of knowledge, questioning the realm of reality.

The door-like shape of Oracle verges between an imaginative technologic monolith and a gateway for multi-linked spaces preserving and exchanging information beyond the linear conception of time. Thanks to a light-sensitive surface and through a detection and transduction system, the physical phenomenon induced by Pozzi, replays itself by remotely following an analog-to-digital-to-analog transmutation. By means of a forthcoming development the motions loops over on satellite devices marking the screen with a physical and metaphysical presence. The potentiality of Oracle lies in a structure capable of generating equilibrium and constant accumulation whilst conserving information accessible “simultaneously” from multiple locations.

The Messages of Gravity also features a work that rather literally connects artists and scientific researcher. Through a quiet language of light Pozzi’s Quantum Gravity Cave, consisting of photographed handprints fixed with a special UV LED spray technology on a phosphorous surface, depicts and honors many of the personalities he has worked with, including Abhay Ashtekar, Raymond Ashheim, Carlo Rovelli, Bianca Dittrich, Daniele Oriti, Hermann Nicolai, Fotini Markopoulou, Laurent Freidel, Jerry Lewandowski and Brian Greene.

With the kind support of RIOT STUDIO, Naples.

* * *

Luca Pozzi (b. 1983) lives and works between Milan and New York. He is a visual artist and cultural mediator. He conducts, within his own domain of reference, The Messages of Gravity program aimed at extending the possible emerging of interdisciplinary correspondences to a network of pure information. By employing different media and new technologies Luca Pozzi comes to realize hybrid installations, characterized by an original use of the force of gravity. Pozzi draws on the theoretical contributions expressed by researchers and artists indirectly involved in his projects. He focuses his research on physics and particularly on T.O.E. (Theory Of Everything): String Theory, Loop quantum Gravity and Noncommutative Geometry. In May 2011 his exhibition Loops was part of Loops Congress in the Main Campus of CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) in Madrid and in he was the curator of Biennale Art-Science at C.A.B. (Centre d’Art Bastille) of Grenoble, during the Lyon Biennale 2011.
In 2010 Pozzi attended the Albert Einstein Institute in Golm (Potsdam) and La Faculté de Science of Luminy (Marseille) were he started the Quantum Gravity Cave Archive. This study consists of documenting the hands of researchers with a special UV LED spray technology on a phosphorous surface. In 2009 he won the Dena Foundation Residency for Contemporary Art at the Centre International d’accueil et d’échanges de Récollets, Paris. A year later, he attended residencies at PROGRAM (Initiative for Art + Architecture collaborations) in Berlin and in 2011, the Mazama Residency at Sage Canyon Drive, Winthrop, WA, United States. In 2012 he has been guest of the Institute for Gravitational and Cosmos at the Pennsylvania State University and of the Perimeter Institute (Waterloo, Ontario).