LOVE (Just a chemical reaction?)

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LOVE (Just a chemical reaction?)

Mehringdamm 61
10961 Berlin
February 22nd, 2013 - March 15th, 2013

Tue-Sat 12-18


Just A Chemical Reaction?
Life is a competition, which means you have to compete with others, you have to use your talent,
to make your plan, to reach your goal, to defeat other people and to win, that's the reason why we
live in this world.
Without competition, your life will be not natural.
Natural selection is the engine that drives evolution.
The organisms best suited to survive in their particular circumstances have a greater chance of
passing their traits to the next generation.
Love is a strong emotion through which nature controls us powerfully.
Love is a lot of chemicals: Estrogen and Testosterone play a role in the sex area. Dopamine is
thought to be the "pleasure chemical" producing a feeling of bliss. Norepinephrine produces the
racing heart and excitement. Serotonin feelings of well-being and happiness.
Together these chemicals produce elation, intense energy, sleeplessness, craving, loss of
appetite and focused attention.
Love may be understood as part of the survival instinct, Love isn't emotional. It is mere chemistry.
Is art part of love chemistry? Yes it is but it is also communication!
It’s advanced communication, which makes the artists who first and better than others see and
interpret the world.
There's no human culture, society or tribe that doesn't have some kind of art-making tradition,
whether they think of it as art in the Western sense of the word or not.
Natives recognize when an object or performance is done well, whether it obeys local standards
and styles.
Art-making started as display of skill to attract prospective mates and impress potential rivals, a
kind of showing-off, like the elaborately decorated boudoirs that male bower birds construct for
impressionable females.
Is this love chemistry, that powerfully drives us on the road, beginning in January 2012, to
continue with the project, search and show artists to combine love, art and competition in hope
that some of them could be part of the future history of art!