Feier und Flamme

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© Courtesy of HomeBase Berlin
Feier und Flamme

Thulestraße 54
13189 Berlin
January 18th, 2013 - January 20th, 2013

prenzlauerberg, pankow


ArtStars* is pleased to announce the final show of the HB BUILD IV Artist-in-Residence Program: HB Festival, with 21 open spaces around their home, a showcase of site specific contemporary art and research, performances, talks, concerts, featured DJs, dance parties and more from January 18-20, 2013 in Berlin.

The flavour of this year’s festival is ‘Feier und Flamme,’ a clever spin on the classic German phrase ‘Feuer und Flamme’ encapsulating passion, excitement, intrigue and joy. HomeBase will light  the ‘Feier’ to keep the flame burning all weekend in order to break through the icy, dark, winter chill in Pankow – with scintillating works, intimate events, and a hot party.

This three-day exhibition will feature the works of 10 artists from ten countries in never-before -seen spaces in the historical former Engelhardt brewery, the home to the HomeBase LAB Project in Pankow. The festival is the final presentation of an international Artist-in-Residence with works made this fall and winter. Peek into artist studios all weekend long, catch live acts and DJs on Friday and Saturday night, and join the HB folks with glühwein for the Pankow Fire finissage bonfire on Sunday at dusk.

The international artists have been living and working on site for the past three months exploring the notion of ‘home’ while experiencing sustainable communal living and creating site-specific work.  From domesticity and the unhomely, to reframing Public and Private, neighborhood archeology, reappropriating memory, social intervention and the Internet, this spectrum will be on show for one time only at this fourth bi-annual HB Festival.

Fire in Pankow
Sunday - 3pm-8pm HB Garden
Fire in Pankow is the first 1 day bonfire festival of Pankow that brings people together to join for some warmth around the fire in these cold times. All generations are welcome to participate in the festivities, including Circus Skills Workshops, twistbread baking and Fire & Photography workshop. With the bonfire, hot soup, Glühwein and blankets there’s everything we might need to all keep warm. Fire in Pankow is celebrated on the last day of the HomeBase Festival (Sunday Jan. 20th, 15:00-20:00).
Symposium: Microresidencies, Microtopia and the New Patron - Contemporary Currencies in the Art World
Saturday 5pm - Salon, by Artistic director and founder Anat Litwin
As we enter the 21st century, we are faced with various agendas such as environmental crisis continuing since modernization in the 20th century, collapse of the economy system and collision between the East and West. There is no way that such agendas and art are unrelated. Is it not art that enables to question human conditions that allows us to open the next door and glimpse through new horizons? 
Artist Residencies whereby artists create work and exchange dialogues have become important sites from now on, venues for exchange of knowledge, conducting artistic research, asking new questions and finding new solutions.
This symposium will review the history of this trend and different models of residencies that are growing worldwide and their impact on the world, based on information collected over years and circulated at the recent Res Artis Conference in Tokyo October 2012, while addressing  the philosophical perception of hope, utopia, microtopia  avant garde, and the role of art in social change.
The Journey Home Talk / Building the HomeBase Project Three Cities / Three Continents / Three Constructs of Home
Sunday 4pm - Salon, by Artistic director and founder Anat Litwin
The notion and practice of Home in contemporary art based on the accumulated HomeBase Project research. Reviewing the meaning of Home through myth, through a socio-cultural context and through contemporary art, based on a 7 years HomeBase artistic research on home in three cities - NY-Berlin-Jerusalem.
Istanbul Winter Tee Garten
Ongoing: Friday 7-11, Saturday 3-11, Sunday 3-8 - Salon/ HB Cafe
The Istanbul Winter Teegarten Project: Istanbul meets Neukölln in Pankow
As part of the 'Feier und Flamme' HB Winter Festival 2013 we are recreating the magic, beauty and community focus of a traditional Istanbul Tee Garten in Pankow, Berlin. The wider Pankow community, special guests, and residency artists will all take part in the Winter Festival and Residency IV exhibition.
Homebase LAB and triage live art collective will specifically be working with young Turkish-German people from the Berliner suburb of Neukölln as well as with local Pankow youth interested in participating in a project that combines cultural exchange, performance, and hospitality training.  The youth will take part in a series of workshops and social events in the lead up to the Winter Festival and the presentation of the Istanbul Winter Teegarten over three days (Friday Jan 18th to Sunday Jan 20th).
The Istanbul Winter Tee Garten will offer traditional Turkish tee, light meals, board games and the opportunity for intimate conversations with strangers using our signature ‘conversation menus’; all beneath our exotic Turkish Tee Garten tent in the heart of winter.  
The Istanbul Sommer Teegarten project was supported by Quartiers Management Ganghoferstrase, the European Commission, and many local supporters in August 2012. The Istanbul Winter Teegarten is supported by Homebase LAB Berlin, triage live art collective, and the International/Cultural Exchange fund of Arts Victoria.