building Utopia

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building Utopia
Curated by: Carrie McIlwain

Weserstraße 11
D-10247 Berlin
September 17th, 2012 - September 23rd, 2012
Opening: September 17th, 2012 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Friday 4-7 pm
photography, installation, video-art

kunstraum tapir

building Utopia
group show

©urated by Carrie MclLwain

opening: Saturday, September 17, 2012, 19-22h
open hours: 20th, 21st 12-17h, 22nd, 23rd 12-16h

Eunhyea Choi
Ramiro Davaro-Comas
Seth Goodman
Michael Greaves
Mariko Hori
Mia Dahye Kim
Gimena Macri
Kyougo Matsumoto
Francesca Rosa
Heather Schmaedeke
Kevin Yaun

takt at tapir
kunstraum tapir * weserstraße 11 * 10247 berlin-f'hain
takt at tapir

building Utopia

TAKT is a temporary home to a constantly rotating group of artists and it is upon this site in the position of outsider that we have collectively gazed and occasionally entered into the tableau among the permanent residents of the neighborhood.  Captivated by the destructive, transformative force, which is also creation and the same impetus for art. As participants in this artist residency, as a group of artists we have played our unwitting part as a gentrifying force of urbanity, and yet at the same time we exemplify one of the most exploited groups both from within and without. Artists products and lifestyle are subject to the same mechanics of capitalism that rule the lives of consumers, and laborers outside of cultural spheres. As a result, dialogue between artists can become replaced with veiled competition, a flexing of conditioned academic strength, and a focus to display stations in a hierarchy or market. These reactions to the pressures inherent in the system, are an attempt to assign values with a latent hope to corner the profits for the individual. More often than not these profits remain circulating in the hands of those outside the sphere of cultural production.

Berlin in its recent history has shown a capacity for valuing artists and cultural producers, inclusive of the alternative lifestyles that generate art and stem from out of its productions.   Currently there is exponential opportunity for participation in Berlin's diverse art scene.  So as moths to flames artists from around the world come to participate, to find inspiration, or as an outsider to glimpse the artist utopia.  It is the hopes of this exhibition to display the impacts and dialogues between this city and the artists that have observed the transformations and have in some works literally re-purposed the rubble.  Artists whom through their individual practices become conscious of the terms and states in which they exist. It is an invitation to the public to complete the cycle and to bestow with their spectatorship the highest and often the only reward garnered by artists. This is an opportunity to share with the public and to participate in discussions about this city.

Carrie MclLwain