lichterloh und schattentief

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lichterloh und schattentief
Curated by: Anke Haensch

June 1st, 2012 - August 26th, 2012

Other (outside main areas)
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-6pm
Petra Eiko sculpture, Forum Lebensart, lichterloh und schattentief, light and shadow mixed-media painting mixed-media, sculpture


The 2nd annual art exhibition of Forum Lebensart “lichterloh und schattentief” (light and shadow) in combination with the scientific treatise “licht ist leben” (light is life) opened last Saturday with a smashing success.  150 VIP guests enjoyed the art, sculptures and information of this unique show at the famous Egon Eiermann building in Apolda, Thuringia Germany running until August 2012.

The organization “Forum Lebensart”—founded by Matthias Schwarzer in 2008—specializes in cultural exhibitions combining the arts with science.  The main focus of Forum Lebensart is art, light and color. What could be more appropriate for this particular part of Germany where art and light always mattered?  Forum Lebensart, based in Apolda and Jena, is enveloped in the profound history of Philosophers like Goethe, who wrote a 1300 page treatise about light and color, and scientists like Carl Zeiss who, among other things, invented the most amazing camera lenses.

The national and international artists participating in this amazing show were carefully selected and invited by curator Anke Haensch.  “It is extremely important that the exhibiting works mirror our mission to combine art with education.  I am just thrilled to represent these incredible artists because they have all interpreted the theme perfectly within their own field of expertise.  The variety of interpretation and expressions from these artists makes this exhibition so exciting.” 

The artists participating in this truly remarkable show are: Ruediger Bahr-Liebeskind, Germany, pencil/ink on paper; Petra Eiko, USA, acrylic on Plexiglas; Roland Flechtner, Germany, wood sculptures; Rachel Hobreigh, USA, acrylic on masonite/canvas; Hildegard Hull, Germany, acrylic on canvas, Simon Kuehn, Germany, sculptures, granite and stainless steel; and Klaus Nerlich, Germany, photography.

The scientific part of the “light is life” exhibition revolves around the influence that color and light has on us as human beings.  Beautifully displayed on translucent posters that frame the exhibition, the viewer is invited to pause and to explore.  Amusing hands-on models are provided for interactive fun and astonishment.

The show is extremely well done. Forum Lebensart left nothing to chance.  The location where the exhibition is held was selected with the thought of “light and shadow”—something that Architect Eiermann was well known for. 

The exhibition is running now until August 26, 2012 at the Egon Eiermann-Gebäudein Apolda, Thuringia, Auenstraße 11.  Open: Tuesday through Sunday 10 am – 6 pm

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Geschäftsführer: Anke Hänsch

Louis-Opel-Straße 8
99510 Apolda
Fon 0 36 44 - 55 90 50
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Schillbachstraße 15
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