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© Courtesy of Galerie Lena Brüning

Schöneberger Ufer 61
10785 Berlin
June 9th, 2012 - July 14th, 2012
Opening: June 8th, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

+49(0)30 303 666 77
Wednesday-Saturday 13-18 h


Galerie Lena Brüning is proud to present the opening of Sebastian Gräfe's second solo exhibition, titled "Lo-Fi Longings". As the opposite of hif-fi the musical term "lo-fi" implies a production with simplest technical means, not necessarily affecting the musical quality. This also conforms with Gräfe's artistic credo as the artist prefers to work with "poor" materiels and objects taken from everyday life. Thus, the title of the exhibition can be read as "simple" longings, but it is also possible to be interpreted as a "longing for the simple".

Sebastian Gräfe shows a number of new works, addressing the desire for closeness to nature. To the artist nature represents a space of contemplation and a simple life, far away from the rush of daily routine in the city. However, Gräfe remains aware of the danger of falling for romanticizing clichés, which he counters through a light and playful handling of the subject.

Gräfe's works are characterized by their very own subtle humor. One of the exhibited works, the "Steuerberater" ("tax accountant"), for example, shows a squirrel that isn't exactly careful in its treatment of the artist's documents. "Hain" ("grove") on the other hand is a detailed replica of a small forest area that fits onto a brick trowel. Together with "Dose" ("can") inside of which the promising babble of a small creek can be heard, In a way, Gräfe offers "nature to go", ironically referring to today's zeitgeist. Another method of getting into direct contact with nature is explored by Gräfe in his photographic work "Regenfänger" ("raincatcher"), in which he exposed himself to drizzle rain during spring and caught the resulting moistness in his beard. Additional instruments to satisfy one's longing for grounding offers the "Gerät zum Wurzeln schlagen" ("device to take root"), a shovel handle with a root ball attached to its end. Moreover, in the back room of the gallery a number of field stones can be found that are equipped with small electronic applications. These antennas, switches and receivers allow - at least in a hypthetical sense - to construct a connection among and with the individual rocks.

"Lo-Fi Longings" is also the name of a small label under which Sebastian Gräfe collects his various musical projects. (among others ToiToiToi - the recent album "Hollow Earth Hippies" is avaiable at the gallery). More information can be found under