The Dynamic Sublime Device

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Installation view, The Dynamic Sublime Device, Reh Kunst, 2012
The Dynamic Sublime Device (2012), installation view Reh-Kunst, Berlin, 2012 Styrofoam 900 X 100 X 100 Cm © Janine Eggert/Philipp Ricklefs
Installation view, The Dynamic Sublime Device, Reh Kunst, 2012
Installation view, The Dynamic Sublime Device, Reh Kunst, 2012
Installation view, The Dynamic Sublime Device, Reh Kunst, 2012
The Dynamic Sublime Device
Curated by: Valeska Hageney

Kopenhagener Strasse 17
10437 Berlin
April 19th, 2012 - May 6th, 2012
Opening: April 18th, 2012 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

prenzlauerberg, pankow
Thu-Sun 3-7pm


Starting from the noise of the launch of the Apollo 11 Mission the artist Janine Eggert and Philipp Ricklefs have created there sculpture The Dynamic Sublime Device. The recorded sound of the launch was twisted to a three-dimensional body made of styrofoam. The transient propagation of the sound wave is now made visible.

Regardless of the linear progression of the successive spread the space of the sound wave  remains marked; beginning and end of the sound are the same. The visual shape of the sound material allows the viewer a feedback on its nature of which he can now interpret the auditory curve.

To have been present at a take off of a Saturn rocket (the last was 1973) is one of the most sublime experiences that was reserved only to a certain generation. Watching the lift-off from a safe distance led to see first the firing of the engines before the viewer could hear or even feel something. The acoustic and haptic perception, however, are the sensations, which reinforce the presence and the authenticity of the experience, essentially causing the sublime experience. Through the transformation of such an experience, of one system into another, thus from the auditory to visual, Eggert & Ricklefs try to connect the sublime experience.

In this exhibition REH Kunst becomes a timeline. Due to the extension modules, space and time, that one would need to pass through, are visually divided into sections. In this timeline Eggert & Ricklefs set the noise curve of Apollo 11 – both two systems are identical and the hall becomes the coordinate system of the curve.

About the artists:
The artists Janine Eggert and Philipp Ricklefs work in a cooperation examining sculpture in a conceptual way. The focus of their projects first of all is based on the analysis of the relative spatial situation.

The sculptures and installations therefore deal with interactivity and conditions of percipience. This refers to works in public space, as well as works whose proportions and form is organized around the specific structure and usage of the given exhibition space. On a formal level the serial module is a significant aspect. By reducing the way of creation down to simple geometrical forms the method of repetition and the principal of a formally predetermined system become perceptible. The creation process itself and essential criteria like form and presentation is communicated by the clearly recognizable constructive esthetics of the sculptures.

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