“Mindless Spot”, La Commedia, (an investigation on the impermanent work of art)

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Seven Times Seven, 2008 Completion Conceptual Sculpture © Courtesy of Bimal Projects
“Mindless Spot”, La Commedia, (an investigation on the impermanent work of art)

Zimmerstr. 11
10969 Berlin
July 4th, 2008 - September 30th, 2008
Opening: July 4th, 2008 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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OPENING 4th of July 6-9pm

“Mindless Spot”

Opening 4th July, 6 - 9 pm (until 31st of September)

“Mindless Spot” is the third and final part of the project:

La Commedia

(an investigation on the impermanent work of art)

Spotless Mind (Paradiso)

Spotless (Change Of) Mind (Purgatorio)

Mindless Spot (Inferno)

This triptych was not in Bimal’s plans at the opening of the first Spotless Mind Exhibition. It has found its way slowly from the urge to investigate the different potentiality of the work of art regarded as something apt to change and develop in different directions.

Each show originates from the same ideas provided by the same artists, ideas which Bimal uses as a source of inspiration for “some kind of works of art” and takes to completion. What changes is the attitude, the approach, different for every exhibition.

“The Divine Comedy of Art” can be narrated as the “evolution of the spot”. Here it's about a real beauty spot which Bimal carries on his left cheek.

While preparing the invitation card for the launch of the gallery, a friend, looking at the chosen photo, suggested that Bimal should look “more Indian”. This advice was taken on and, with the aid of Photoshop, Bimal’s beauty spot was removed from the cheek and placed in the centre of his forehead, in the Indian fashion. But this was not the carnival Bimal wanted to play, so the spot was removed from the forehead. Only after, someone noticed that in the photo the spot was missing: the cheek had been published “spotless”.

Spotless Mind is a first exhibition about a pure and fresh approach to art, a start full of promises; the “Paradise” of our Comedy, thinking in Dante’s terms, but starting from the end and moving backwards.

Second comes Spotless (Change Of) Mind, our “Purgatory”, where all works are recycled and filled with doubts; they move place, shift from the original, sometimes collapse, other times are done up again anew.

“Hell” is being indicated as the Mindless Spot, and an exhibition about real, more or less accidental facts of life that interfered in the making of the works and are now revealed. The beauty spot that was removed is now shown, on the new invitation card, and in each of the new works, taking to fruition what is usually hidden behind and not shown. Occasional accidents, mistakes, violent reactions, sins of all kinds are re-enacted in this third version of the works. If Spotless (Change Of) Mind was about falling (of some mask?), Mindless Spot is about revelation: It reveals the Spot, and carries the Guilt inside the gallery and into each work.

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