Not Only

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Not Only

Mehringdamm 61
10961 Berlin
March 29th, 2012 - April 27th, 2012

Tue-Sat 12-18


Factory-Art Gallery is pleased to present the second round of “2012 Project Berlin.”

Few word constructions cause as much consternation for editors as that in which a contrast is represented with the phrase “not only” … but.
Not only, question or sentence, in any case works within “but also”.
So it’s possible to formulate some quote, such brushstrokes seemingly divided and isolated when viewed in their mutual relationship told a landscape, that describe some boundaries of art where nobody can fix a point: not only a starting point but also an arrival point, passing through the breaking point and not know where to fix the full stop.

Not Only for Profit. In fact, too many artists produce not only for profit but also for passion. Not only for denounce (political regime, repression) but also for dream. Not only the top of the art market is growing well but also it’s very exclusive closed club where you can enter, not only because of what do you do or how do you do but also thanks to who you know.

Instead of the usual statement we want to ask some - not easy to find an answer - questions:
How to find a way to make the assessment for what it is, without being related to the price?
How to overcome the business and receive the right success?
What is success in art?
Why some artists are overpriced and other - too many - remain unsold?
What is art? Who decides about?

Can the Friedrich Nietzsche’s sentence be today more relevant than ever?
"Man macht heute nur Geld mit kranker Musik"
(Only sick music makes money today).
Friedrich Nietzsche