3WEEKS : 4 roomprojects (four artists for three weeks each)

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3WEEKS : 4 roomprojects (four artists for three weeks each)

Tempelherrenstr. 22
10961 Berlin

March 9th, 2012 - June 23rd, 2012

Other (outside areas listed)
Di-Fr 14-18, Tue-Fr 2-7

3WEEKS : 4 roomprojects – 4th Vernissage

Exhibitions from March 9th until June 23rd 2012
next Vernissage: Friday, 1st June 2012, 7-10 p.m.

In this new exhibition project the intentation of G.A.S-station is not to present one artist with different works but an intire room concept or installation to an explicit theme. Therefore we call it 3WEEKS 4 roomprojects. We think that the works with different themes and stringent density are a good beginning and we´re pleased to present 3WEEKS : 4 roomprojects at G.A.S-station.

Johann Büsen EXCURSION: 9.3. until 30.3.2012 - Vernissage 9TH MARCH, 7-10 p.m
Helen Acosta Iglesias WUNSCHFREI: 6.4. until 27. 4.2012 - Vernissage: 6th APRIL, 7-10 p.m
Heike Nösslböck SENSELESS again: 4.5. until 25.5.2012 - Vernissage: 4th MAY, 7-10 p.m
Elisa Asenbaum FREEFLY Freiheit was heisst das?: 1.6. until 23.6.2012 - Vernissage: 1st JUNE, 7-10 p.m

1st until 23th June 2012
Elisa Asenbaum
FREEFLY. Freiheit was heisst das?
FREEFLY. Freedom, what does that mean?, 2000-2012 continued, Mixed Media Installation (Video, Audio,  photography in different formats, on Alu-Dibond and acrylic glass, text on paper)

Vernissage: June 1st 2012, 7-10 p.m.
FREEFLY reflects the meaning of freedom and questions it's existence and it's definition in human existence. In the poetic installation FREEFLY, the desire to fly and the desire for freedom are interwoven into dreamlike pictures and sequences.
The artist's starting point for this work was to put the motive ”flying in dreams” synonymously to longig for freedom. ”FREEFLY. Freedom, what does that mean?“ is a subtle consideration and reflection on the topic freedom.