zweihundertvier sechzigmalsechzig

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zweihundertvier sechzigmalsechzig

Linienstraße 155
10155 Berlin

October 12th, 2011 - December 3rd, 2011

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We are pleased to announce the eighth solo exhibition with works by Michel Majerus (1967 - 2002) in the gallery, which will be on view from October 12th through December 3rd.
fertiggestellt zur zufriedenheit aller, die bedenken haben was the title of our second exhibition with Michel Majerus in 1996, in the earlier gallery space in Berlin-Charlottenburg. While simultaneously working on uncustomarily large formats for an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Basel, he created for the show within our gallery smaller 60 x 60 cm works to be presented for the first time. This format subsequently became an established part of his oeuvre. Over a thousand works of this size were created; Majerus gathered many of them into groups. The fifty-part group newcomer, for example, may be seen in the CACI collection in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Silkscreen portraits of Michel Majerus and close friends were created for a party in the studio of the artist and belong as a forty-part group in the collection of the Saarlandmuseum in Saarbrücken.
Michel Majerus employed various techniques, styles, and motifs on the small canvases. Comic-book figures encounter abstract gestural or geometrical forms, scripts, and photographs, which have been transferred onto the canvas by silkscreen. Majerus found his models in computer games, in comic books, in advertising, and also in art history. When Super Mario as the main character of a popular computer game and an adaptation of the Skulls by Andy Warhol appear alongside each other on an equal footing, at first glance this seems to show disrespect for art. What lies behind the juxtaposition, however, is a fascination with images of all sorts. Majerus absorbed images like a sponge, stored them in his extraordinary visual memory, and called them up spontaneously. He repeatedly rearranged the small-format pictures and situated them in different contexts. In 2002 – earlier the year of his fatal airplane crash – Majerus was working in a studio in Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg. There he had hung on a wall thirty of his 60 x 60 cm works, which he continuously replaced or arranged in new sequences. The group, which he left behind in the studio, remained preserved as one and today belongs to the collection of the Louisiana Museum in Humlebæk near Copenhagen. As of May of next year, it will be on display there along with several other works by Michel Majerus.
Thanks to the additional support of private lenders, we are able, for the first time, to present in an exhibition at the gallery a large part of this group of works. We are pleased in this context to call attention as well to the comprehensive retrospective of the oeuvre of the artist at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, which will open on November 25th, 2011. Subsequently from May 2012, the exhibition will be presented in slightly altered form at the CAPC - musée d!art contemporain de Bordeaux.
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