Synecdoche - A Collage Group Show

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Tentative, 2011 Over Painting, 
Acrylic On Found Painting 60 X 84 Cm © Laura Bruce
Synecdoche - A Collage Group Show
Curated by: Johannes Sperling

Carmertstrasse 11
10623 Berlin
October 29th, 2011 - January 21st, 2012
Opening: October 28th, 2011 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

+49(30)170 9602900
Wed-Fri: 10-18pm, Sat: 12-4pm (+ appointment)
collages, groupshow photography mixed-media, digital, installation, video-art, pop, sculpture


Bourouina Gallery is pleased to present Synecdoche, a group show curated by Johannes Sperling.

The collage seems to be the art form most perfectly suited towards reflecting the present times: In an era where boundaries blur and the whole world is zapping, compiling and remixing it is not about deciding for one thing, but assembling from an endless pool of possibilities.

The exhibition Synecdoche examines the question of what collage can constitute in 2011 and counterposes to the mediums most common present variations that are well-distributed by the persistence of a „retro-wave”. Beyond that, the current exhibition is a search for the true heirs to the intellectual heritage of the pioneers of collage. Instead of a concrete definition, this exhibition offers different approaches. There is a notion of collage which links the participating artists, which is understood more as a basic working approach and conceptual principle rather than any rigid or specific technique. 

At times the attempt at overcoming the limitations posed by the pre-existence of appropriated material results in a broadening of the fundamental principles underlying the medium of collage, but it also occasionally gives rise to the combination of found material with newly created imagery. In some works, the big question concerning the sense and purpose of creating entirely new images before the backdrop of the aforementioned flood arise. But when some of the artists use well-known imagery they are not interested in any comfortable journey through the past but much rather in the impossibility of accepting it. The artists decide whether the focus of a given piece ought to be dedicated toward the common denominators or rather the differences between the individual components -whereby these elements can be homogeneously interlaced, or might be made to repel one another altogether. 
The compositions created often play with our natural tendencies toward wanting define or locate all that we perceive of within an ordered system. In so doing, they allow us to conceive of what is already known to us in new ways. The exhibited works so upset the perceptual systems of their beholders, forcing him to engage themselves with their environments and rethink established notions. 

The exhibiting artists are unified by their examination on the complex interplay - the notion to which the exhibition owes its title - between the individual elements with the larger whole which they comprise. In their work, the concept of collage is further developed, advanced, scrutinized, and expanded; new forms of expression are investigated. Consistently the artists refrain from limiting themselves to working with paper, the working material more classically associated with collage, so that the exhibition is also comprised of painting, sculpture, photography, installation and slide projection.

As the artists have not been presented yet in this constellation, Synecdoche itself is a new entity, whichs single components by combination make the invisible visible