Agter die Berge The Joburg Fringe Video Berlin

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The Fridge © Robert Weinek
Agter die Berge The Joburg Fringe Video Berlin

7hours HAUS 19, Reinhardtstr. 18 - 20, 10117 Berlin
mailing address only: Christiane Grüß 7hours, Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 27, 10585 Berlin
10115 Berlin
June 11th, 2011 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

0049-(0)30 234 90 675
during events and by appointment
installation, video-art


Colleen Alborough, Sonja Alhäuser, Wayne Barker, Sebastian Biskup, Bill Dietz, Nelmarie du Preez, Jårg Geismar, Aline Helmcke, Till Hohn, Peter Jones, Audur Jonsdottir, Aryan Kaganof, Nicola Deane, Sharlene Khan, Kemang Wa Lehulere, Adrian Loveland, Tebogo George Mahashe, Sello Mahlangu, Thando Mama, Hilarion Manero, Pia Maria Martin, Khanyisile Mbongwa, James Tailer, Rob Mills, Steve Kwena Mokwena, Rev. Luke A. Murphy, Chris Newman, Nicky Newman, Senzo Nhlapo, Neil Nieuwoudt, Mina Novcic, Alexandra Ross, Claudia Shneider, Kyle Southgate, Garfield Taylor, Tyler Taylor, Johan Thom, Emeka Udemba, Essi Utriainen, Maria van Rooyen, Nicole Wheatherby, Robert Weinek, Juliet White, Tarryn Lee, Lorcan White

Thanks to Sebastian Biskup, Bill Dietz, Kerstin Lücker, Manfred Mengel, Karsten Neßler, Cord Rasch, Heike Ruske, Manuel Völling, Berlin Humboldt University, MBN Berliner Bau GmbH, Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Opneing was 26. Mai 2011, 19 h

26.5. - 11.6.2011, daily 14 - 18 h 

OUTDOOR PROJECTION NIGHTS 28.5./4./11./18.6., 21.30 h

What could persuade them to have a look? – That the project got the Hauptstadtkulturfonds – funding from the City of Berlin cultural initiative? – Others got it too, and many – exceptional – exhibitions/concerts didn’t get it. - Because of South Africa? South Africa has become fashionable, but we can’t help that. Because of Claudia Shneider? Yes. Because of Claudia Shneider. The whole thing, the JOBURG FRINGE was initiated by her in 2009, all the South African films that we are showing, we show because of her. – They are artists that she as a South African who lives in South Africa as well as in Berlin, approached, amongst them some famous ones like Johan Thom or Robert Weinek, a lot of them less well known, earn their living with day jobs, have the pressing desire to impart something, these messages are what we are confronted with here.

Because of Claudia Shneider. Herself a visual artist, born in 1961 in Johannesburg, she draws, paints, makes films and photographs, begins her work with a title, with text, only after that, with that, does the work result. Who in 2008 made a large installative work at 7hours, a big dead elephant made of plastic bags, lying on its back in the semi-darkness, “Living and dying in Africa”  - actually living, dying  lie very close together in the works of the Joburg Fringe Video Berlin.

Because of the artists: Kyle Southgate’s Agter die Berge, a film that shows a short excerpt from the lives of a couple of black South Africans (one can say the word black in South Africa) who go about with a gun, shoot someone, an uncle and a nephew, the nephew is still learning, the victim is accidentally a child, the nephew hides Agter die Berge – Over the Hills – his uncle finds him again at a black priest’s home, who brings him to tears – who the uncle shoots, who used to be a killer, the priest, inescapably, this is what the films are like. “Something that one can’t talk about directly, keeping something hidden behind the mountain, something strange is going on, even in your own four walls” (Claudia Shneider). Even in the family, as in Peter Jones “Not my Family”, always BIG, always CLOSE UP Johannesburg the city, the fear, the violence, whether full-length film, documentation, animation or cartoon. 

Because of 7hours, space for artists, Pia Maria Martin, Chris Newman, Claudia Shneider, a platform to carry out their artistic projects without a hidden agenda, terrain for artistic engagement, right now a place where 44 video/film artists, mostly from South Africa, others from various countries, some born in other countries, living in Berlin. Sebastian Biskup, Bill Dietz with new films, Chris Newman with Would it be desirable to ‘free myself up’ from my present routine.  

20 TV monitors, set up in all the 7 rooms of 7hours HAUS 19, that are all interconnected on one level. As well as the Saturday evening OUTDOOR VIEWINGS with more films, a wall was especially plastered for this purpose, indeed, 7hours’ lease was extended until 2014. New prospects, ideas how to make other artistic projects and developments possible!

Because of the snowball system? The Joburg Fringe Video collection has been shown in various venues in Johannesburg, in Munich at Galerie Rupert Walser, in Leipzig at D21, each time in a new constellation, now at 7hours, already there are talks with a gallerist with ties in India, new constellations? Joburg Festival in South Africa, with certain 7hours-relateded artists? A new selection, other artists, 2014 at 7hours, or in Nigeria, with Udemba?

We are cordially inviting you to see Agter the Berge The Joburg Fringe Video Berlin!

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