TWO in ONE - Exhibition of Contemporary Photography

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TWO in ONE - Exhibition of Contemporary Photography

June 18th, 2011 - July 8th, 2011
Opening: June 18th, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

10am - 6pm
photography, conceptual, modern


 “TWO IN ONE” - Exhibition of contemporary fine art photography by

Unni Krishnan Pulikkal

at Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin, Germany. June 18 - July 8, 2011

 ‘Two in One’ showcases a collection of 21 photographic diptychs. Each diptych is one work of art formed by two images. Each image in a diptych has independent personality. They team together to express a unique concept or idea.

 “Unni Pulikkal’s photographs feature an international outlook while being innately Indian. Indian motifs, architecture and nature flow beneath the universal language that he uses to construct his concepts. The works break the boundaries between photography and painting. These are paintings made with photographs. And, these are photographs painted with light” (Wolfgang Dürr, the Director of Schmetterlingshorst Gallery)

 “Unni’s photographs are wet, succulent, plump, sensual:  you can consume them as a feast, or follow them with naked feet till they turn around and look you in the eye. The innate symbiosis of life and things of the universe, and the willingness with which we desire to accept these dualities—the multiple in the singular, the religious in the concrete, the sky in the earth—make Unni’s lens a comfortable, homely and familiar one. The bridge of these contradictions is love, of course, the passionate unity of the elemental. Nature and architecture, the vertical and the horizontal, the colorful and the colorless, the microcosmos and the macrocosmos, the process and the product, rationality and emotion corrugate, correspond, and contemplate. In any game of two is a poem, a construction of a magically real landscape.” (Himali Singh Soin, Art writer and poet, who worked with National Geographic, now settled in Delhi)

The exhibition showcases 21 works for 21 days and specifically treats the idea of “2 in 1”, wherein two images unite to form one work of art; two discrete concepts unite to describe a greater concept of art or life at large.

 The show, organized by the Bezirkssportbund and Scmetterlingshorst Gallery, is supported by the Department of Culture, Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin. The exhibition ends on July 8th 2011.

 (Unni Krishnan Pulikkal, born in 1969, lives in Kerala, a southern state in India. His initial passion for fine arts led him to the compelling medium of photography in early 1999.  After an initial stint in classical pictorialism, he moved on to pictorial documentaries pertaining to nature and humanities, subsequently engaging himself in his current style of narrative, conceptual photography.  Following an influential exposure to the masterpieces by American and European masters of photography, and training in photographic print-making and aesthetics under his mentor, Herbert Ascherman Jr., the Platinum photographer of Cleveland, USA, he has mastered the art and technique of archival print-making. The Royal Photographic Society, London, awarded him with their prestigious title ‘ARPS’ in 2007 for his achievements in the art . His prints display the exquisite blend of technology with aesthetics. His exhibits have garnered a lot of praise and attention at several art galleries in both India and abroad thus far. His erudite presentation at the Cleveland Museum in 2007 testifies to this fact and currently, he is looking forward to the forthcoming show in Berlin.)