The Land

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A Story of a City Square, 2011 Oil An Canvas © Nature Morte
The Land

Weydingerstraße 6
10178 Berlin
April 5th, 2011 - April 23rd, 2011
Opening: April 2nd, 2011 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Zimmerstrasse 90-91 Berlin 10117 /

T.V. Santhosh – “The Land” – April 5 – 23, 2011
Nature Morte Berlin is pleased to announce "The Land," the first solo exhibition ofworks by the artist T. V. Santhosh in Berlin. The exhibition is in collaboration with TheGuild, Mumbai.

Today, the News Media, to a large extent, defines the nature of our relationship withthe outside world. News reports act as our extended visions that eventually becomepart of our everyday experiences. In the context of the current turmoil in the MiddleEast, the role of the News Media and its relation to the nature of war has beenshifting.

The present conflict is unique in many ways. First, it is an internally generated eventthat has been largely independent of the usual tools of war, hate and the politics offear, and is instead driven by a democratic choice that the people of these regionshave created for themselves within and in spite of the oppressive systems whichgovern them. This changes considerably the nature of this conflict from an externalto an internal enemy and from a political motivation to an economic and individuallydriven motivation. Secondly, the international media struggle to form a cohesiveperspective of the events, muddled with official versions defined by the foreignpolicies. Yet the role of alternative media and free social network sites essentiallyhas become a tool in mobilizing the pent-up energies of the oppressed. The reporter,Anthony Shadid, writing in the New York Times, commented on this conflict:
“No one seems to know what to call this conflict — a revolution, a civil war or, in atranslation of what some call it in Arabic, “the events,” a shorthand for confusingviolence."

This group of new works by T. V. Santhosh is the outcome of his preoccupation withthe images of the on-going and changing nature of war, memory and perception. Theshift from theories of resolution to conflicts to the actualities of those who are victims,oppressors, international peace-keepers and nation states has also clearly indicatedthat the nature of these conflicts is becoming more complex while solutions seem to be more elusive. T. V. Santhosh’s paintings and sculptures employ the linguisticdevices of color codes and graffiti, as well as the inversions of positive images intotheir negatives. These works are a mapping of social unrest and its politicalimplications by constructing multiple layers of metaphors, investigating the evolvinghistories of the nature of war, human rights and citizenship.

T. V. Santhosh was born in 1968 and completed his BFA from Santiniketan and MFAfrom the M. S. University in Baroda, both in India. He has held solo shows of hisworks at The Guild in Mumbai, Nature Morte in New Delhi and the Jack ShainmanGallery in New York, as well as participating in a wide variety of group shows aroundthe world. International exhibitions which have featured his works include Collectors'Stage: Asian Contemporary Art from Private Collections at the Singapore ArtMuseum; The Silk Road: New Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern Art from TheSaatchi Gallery at Tri Postal, Lille, France; Dark Materials, GSK Contemporary at theRoyal Academy of Arts, London; India Xianzai, MOCA, Shanghai; Passage to India,Part I & II, Initial Access, Wolverhampton, UK; Where in the World, Devi ArtFoundation, New Delhi; Private/Corporate, Daimler Chrysler Contemporary, Berlin;After Shock, Sainsbury Centre, Norwich; and Zoom! Art from Contemporary India,Culturegest Lisbon; among many others.

The artist lives and works in Mumbai.