Solo Exhibition: ADAM SAKS "Follow You Follow Me"

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Parachute, 2011 Acrylics On Canvas 200 X 240 Cm © Roman März
Solo Exhibition: ADAM SAKS "Follow You Follow Me"

Carmertstrasse 11
10623 Berlin
February 5th, 2011 - March 12th, 2011
Opening: February 4th, 2011 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

+49(30)170 9602900
Wed-Fri: 10-18pm, Sat: 12-4pm (+ appointment)
Graphic, canvas/acrylic, contemporary, paintings pop


Bourouina Gallery is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of Berlin based danish artist Adam Saks.

Since his last exhibition Sacre Nom de Dieu! in 2009, the work of Adam Saks has developed in a radical new way. Though some of his motifs and basic sources of inspiration are well known from older works, his pictorial approach has undergone a radical change: The artist abandoned oil colour and turned towards acrylics, whereby his works gained spontaneity and freshness „My choice of medium has liberated my artistic working process…it has given me more freedom in choosing motifs, colours and images (…).1

His current works are traversed by this new energy and draw us into a lush and oneiric universe: women's faces, silhouettes of equestrians, characters arisen from legends and comic strips, tattoo motifs and text fragments, collected at random, collide and overlap. Adam Saks usurps the shapes, manipulates symbols and breaks their original meanings with appetite and enthusiasm.

Two elements are characteristic for the works shown in the exhibition Follow You Follow Me and illustrate in an excellent way Adam Saks' quote: „I am a graphic artist who also paints.2”: In his paintings, the motifs are not „painted“ in the proper meaning of the word. Only their contours are drawn, in negative or positive, however, always in deep black. Here, the colour is not just present as a colouring of an object or a figurine, but as a pictorial motif of it's own. The artist uses areas of colour as construction elements of his paintings. Just as his motifs, this “colour pieces” clash and superpose on the canvas surface, without, though, provoking a chromatic shock.

Adam Saks certainly emerges as an exceptional colourist. He plays a baroque gamut of different shades of grey and clear but flat colours. Betimes, a translucent ribbon of white paint unifies the ensemble to create a vigorous, coherent and extremely original work.

1 Adam Saks interviewed by David Ulrichs, in: „Follow You Follow Me“, exhibition newspaper, Bourouina Gallery, 2011.

2 e.d.