LUXUS NEUKÖLLN // 48-Stunden-Neukölln

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Performance: Self- Possession, Sept 2010 Digital Print © Petrov Ahner, P+F, Abnormals Gallery
Performance for "Gold&Silver", Nov 19 2010 Branches, Bones And Lap Top © Petrov Ahner
Johanna Pohland, artist, June 2010 Digital Photography © Petrov Ahner
Dress to kill- Home land luxury, 17.06.2011 Performance, Installation © Miriam Wuttke, Petrov Ahner
Dress to kill- Home land luxury, 17.06.2011 Performance, Installation © Miriam Wuttke, Petrov Ahner
Gentry, 17.06.2011 Performance © Andrea Penzo, Cristina Fiore, Petrov Ahner
Gentry, 17.06.2011 Performance © Andrea Penzo, Cristina Fiore, Petrov Ahner
un signe de richesse, 17.06.2011 Performance © Sabia Khan, Petrov Ahner
untitled, 17.06.2011 Graphite On Clay, Human Hair © Orvar, Petrov Ahner
LUXUS NEUKÖLLN // 48-Stunden-Neukölln

Weichselstrasse 53
12045 Berlin
June 17th, 2011 - July 14th, 2011
Opening: June 17th, 2011 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

sound installation installation, experimental, italy, venice, Berlin, Neukölln photography digital performance, conceptual, sculpture
Free admission- Eintritt frei


Silver Silver Lopez:

The new Neukölln Studio and Project Room of Miriam Wuttke presents:

Part of the hub of emerging Neukölln art community, the 70 sm Studio and Roject Room will open in June 2011 and host a space for contemporary and experimental performance, installation and video art. 


Under the title LUXUS NEUKÖLLN, the exhibition FocusDiversion features a special event of fine art, installation and performances during the 2011 48-Hours-Neukölln // 48-Stunden-Neukölln.

Partaking artists are
Petrov Ahner (Germany)- photography.
Barbara Fragogna (Italy)- painting.
Orvar (Mexico)- installation and performance. 
Miriam Wuttke (Germany)- painting, performance, installation.

Silver Silver Lopez is proud to present an interdisciplinary exhibition of four internationally working artists, who are claiming- after years abroad- Berlin as their new artistic homebase and Neukölln as the creative focus point.
Petrov Ahner (D), a photographer, who spent 20 years in fashion in Miami and Paris, is finding in Berlin a new commited approach in his photographical work and explores the gaps and intersections between social involvement, art and beauty based on diversity.
Barbara Fragogna (I), painter, explores a fragmented self in physicalness and psyche in her large scale oil paintings, which, elaborately, reveal and diffuse a fleshy and strong image of
self reflected inner life and the passionate empathy for vital human processes.
Orvar (Mex), visual- and performance artist, finds inspiration and ideas in the cultural clash between his Mexican roots and the artistic life full of new opportunities he finds in Berlin. His drawings are poetic and eerie, like mysterious riddles, which proceed in his installations full of objects relating to death, decay and the play ground of a traumatized child.
Miriam Wuttke (D), painter, performer and curator, reaches out to the focus point:
"At HOME in Neukölln: LUXURY!!!" - In the light of  headlines like gentrification and displacement of affordable living space, Miriam Wuttkes "homecoming" in Neukölln raises questions about artistic and personal expansion and the possibilities to focus on the importance of  art in times of economic depression.

SPECIAL EVENT: "NEUKÖLLN BEAUTY" - The photographer Petrov Ahner takes 48 portraits of people living or working in Neukölln. The portraits are part of the project "BERLIN BEAUTY" and will be exhibited subsequent to "FocusDiversion".

If you want to take part in the event as a "Neukölln Beauty", please contact via: or come straight to the Project Room during the 48h event.

Fri   19:00 — 23:00
Sat  15:00 — 22:00
Sun 14:00 — 19:00

The exhibition runs thru July 14 2011.

FocusDiversion- Luxury Homes!

In correspondece to the exhibition "FocusDiversion", Silver Silver Lopez is proud to pesent a two hour transferring and experimental performance program with video- and sound installation. The performances take place in the basement and the ground floor of the Gallery.

Our Special guests Andrea Penzo & Cristina Fiore, artist couple from Venice (I), will start performing at 8 pm, followed by Sabia Khan (D), Orvar (Mex) and Miriam Wuttke (D).

Theme of the program are the questions: Why and Where do I want to find home- Is it luxury or necessity?- does it hinder or carry my progression?

As movement is the propelling force in performance art, the title Luxury Homes plays with the physical movement and defined position in the framing space towards or away from surrounding objects and observers.

The portrayed movement stands between diversification and agglomeration, two antagonisms which represent a contemplated independency and a nonreflective hunt for security drowned in excessive materialistic reconfirmation.

What am I going to do, when I come home?: Shut the doors, dwell in luxurious seclusion, or foster considerate responsibility and open the doors for life and change to enter?

Performances: Fri June 17 & Sat June 18: 8 - 10 pm