Girl, Interrupted!

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© Courtesy of STYX Projects
Girl, Interrupted!

Old Brewery (2nd Floor Left)
Landsberger Allee 54
10249 Berlin
December 3rd, 2010 - December 22nd, 2010
Opening: December 3rd, 2010 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Friday to Sunday, 3-5 pm or by appointment


STYX Projects is pleased to announce
›Girl, Interrupted!‹, the first solo
exhibition of Norwegian artist Anne
Guro Larsmon.
In ›Girl, Interrupted!‹ Larsmon
displayes carefully placed objects
and sculptures coreographed for the
gallery space. She investigates the
concept of domestic space and the
symbolic interpretation of objects
through a deeply personal selection of
materials, processed in a systematic
and analytic manner. References to
high modernism are broken up with
the playfulness of junk sculpture. Yet,
sincerity is at the chore of the work.
Larsmons balanced compositions
serve as haptic memorials on a
graveyard of odeur, sound and tactility.
The sculptures reveal an obsession
with how the individual is constructed,
a process touching on the theories
of sociologist Erving Goffman. He
suggests that identity is created
through learning different roles. ›Girl,
Interrupted!‹ resonnates with the
writings of Gaston Bachelard: »In the
theater of the past that is constituted
by memory, the stage setting
maintained the characters in their
dominant roles.« (Gaston Bachelard,
The Poetics of Space, 1958)
The title of this exhibition refers to
the painting ›Girl Interrupted at Her
Music‹ by Dutch painter Johannes
Vermeer, 1660. It depicts a young
girl who has turned away from
her teacher and her sheet music,
seemingly peering out of the painting
at something that has distracted her
momentarily. The subject of the
painting seems arrested in a vulnerable
state. Larsmon extends this private
moment with the use of personal
artifacts for her sculptures.
For the piece ›Soaked Chloé‹,
Larsmon permeates wood in her
deceased mother’s chloé scent. As the
smell evaporates in the gallery space,
memories fade along with it. Only
structure remains.
At the opening, Norwegian artist
Marthe Ramm Fortun will present
a spoken word-performance where
she responds to the environment
in the gallery space. With text and
image, Fortun will create a grid
within the ephemeral parameters of
smell, obstruction and noise. The
insertion of another artist seeks to
break the sentimentality towards the
autobiographical approach to materials
and open up a mirage of new spatial
A full-colored catalogue published
by STYX Press featuring Marthe
Ramm Fortuns performance texts and
documentation of Larsmons works will
accompany the exhibition.
Larsmon was born in Finnskogen,
Norway in 1981. She is a graduate
from Bergen National Academy of the
Arts and Konstfack University College
of Arts, Crafts and Design. She has
recently finished her OCA residence at
KW, Berlin. She lives and works in Oslo
and Berlin.
Fortun was born in Oslo, Norway in
1978. She is a graduate from New York
University, New York. She lives and
works in New York and Oslo.