GP Site Exploration

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GP Site Exploration

Kreuzbergstraße 42e
10965 Berlin
June 26th, 2010 - July 16th, 2010
Opening: June 26th, 2010 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Other (outside main areas)
49 30 86 45 22 22
Wednesday-Saturday, 12pm-6pm
photography, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, landscape, sculpture


Site Exploration: Verónica Lehner, Alexis Knowlton, and Ana María Millán, and Mira O'Brien.
Vernissage//Book Launch//Site Tours//BBQ: Saturday, June 26th, 5-8pm
June 26th- July 16th, 2010

Golden Parachutes is pleased to present Site Exploration, the
culmination of a collaborative residency at the gallery initiated by
Mira O'Brien and undertaken with three other Berlin based artists:
Verónica Lehner, Alexis Knowlton, and Ana María Millán.

At its core, Site Exploration is an investigation of space. Driven by
an impulse to bridge spatial and experiential gaps inherent in most
site-specific work, the artists used Golden Parachutes as an institutional and geographic anchor for the exploration of sites
adjacent to the gallery. A semi-vacant lot was chosen approximately
250 meters away from Golden Parachutes and sustained engagement with the site provided both the inspiration and many of the materials for the creation of a number of new works. Numerous approaches were taken to explore the spatial qualities of the site, gallery, and surrounding environs, among them surveying, documenting, transferring, recording, altering, and mapping. 

The resulting works emphasize actions and interventions that
continually constitute each space anew. Verónica Lehner's ich dinge,
die dinge ichen posits a physical and temporal engagement with the
physical parameters of the selected site and its material components. In this work Lehner organizes rocks found on the site and traces their contours in paint before tying them with string and dragging them down Kreuzbergstr and into the exhibition space. Lehner began dragging the rocks at the beginning of the residency and will continue to do so intermittently over the course of the exhibition. This ephemeral, dynamic work is the result of a repetitive process that charts an intimate, performative engagement with space that can be further witnessed in the accumulating pile of rocks at Golden Parachutes. 

During the course of the residency, the act of surveying and
measuring were vital aspects of Mira O'Brien's active observational
process. Spanning nearly 4 meters by 4.6 meters, O'Brien's new
painting depicts the columns of a massive parking structure found on the site. After realizing that the space between the pillars was
approximate to the length of the gallery wall, O'Brien created a
scale reproduction of the structure, which curves around the ceiling
and pillars of the exhibition space.

A new video work by Ana María Millán features the Schwerbelastungskörper, a 12,650 ton concrete behemoth constructed to test the ability of Berlin's sandy soil to withstand Third Reich architect Albert Speer's plans for Welthauptstadt Germania. Constructed on the proposed site of a massive Triumphal Arc, the Schwerbelastungskörper, is adjacent to the site chosen for Site Exploration. Continuing in the vein of her personal practice and its abiding concern with black holes in history and the relationship
between official and marginal memories and culture, Millán's video
stages a performance of the iconic Lili Marleen by Romanian musicians on accordion and trumpet. 

Primarily inspired by the huge amounts of dirt under the parking
garage on the site, Alexis Knowlton quickly associated the muck and
mire of the site with pigs and decided to interpolate the narrative
space of E.B. White's acclaimed children's book Charlotte's Web into
the site. Charlotte's Web Allegory is a response to both the physical
attributes of the site, as well as the collaborative aspects of the
residency and exhibition. Over the course of the residency Knowlton
created abstract interpretations of fellow artists' projects.
Knowlton will weave a web made of string around the columns of the parking structure on the site, referencing the scene in Charlotte's Web in which Wilbur attempts to create a web of his own. Knowlton will also create a model of the plans for the Germania project out of food objects from the Lidl (located atop the underside of the parking

In order to facilitate the movement between site and gallery, a guide
has been created. Conceived of as the third "site," the book includes
maps, photographs, and texts relating to the different phases of Site

For further information or reproduction quality images please email or call (0) 30 86 45 22 22.