Galerie Michael Janssen is pleased to announce the exhibitio n Real Painting (for Aunt Cora) with a series of new works by American artists Meg Cranston and Joh n Baldessari. Following the exhibition Keep it Simple. Keep it Fresh. at Michael Janssen Singapore in January 2013\, Meg Cranston an d John Baldessari collaborated in this new series to create paintings Balde ssari formerly deemed impossible.

The text used in the paintin gs comes from a text written by Baldessari in 1961 to his Aunt Cora. It is an apology for not making the type of paintings his aunt would enjoy. In it \, Baldessari states\, he would like to make a painting of pink clouds\, sa ge brush\, washing on line\, a bullfighter\, sand dunes\, a red farm house\ , a lady in gypsy costume\, ducks by an old well\, oaken buckets\, a sad do ggie\, an eucalyptus tree with leaves that look real and highlights on rave n black hair. But\, he said simply\, "I can't".

The paintings have monochromatic backgrounds with gray text. The text is in Arial italic type hand painted. Meg Cranston determined the colors for the series drawin g on her most recent work that reinvigorates color theory and investigates the business of color forecasting. She borrowed the colors determined by th e Pantone Corporation for the women's fashion 2013 collections. &ldquo\;I h ave always been interested in why some colors seem to dominate at certain t imes. I have learned that the reason is that they are largely programmed &n dash\; determined\, if you will\, by organized forces\, namely the Pantone Corporation. Pantone releases a color forecast every season that most manuf acturers follow to determine the colors of their products. I used the same colors because I wanted the paintings to be realistic &ndash\; to reflect c urrent conditions&rdquo\;\, says Cranston.

Collaboration itsel f is a way for the two artists to achieve new solutions. For the exhibition they allowed the planes of text and color to work simultaneously in order to achieve a new and unanticipated resonance and profundity. The idea behin d it was to use a 40-year-old text and update it by blending it within the context of color trends. &ldquo\;John and I are similar in the sense that w e both like to work from a simple\, almost neutral plan in the hopes of gen erating unexpected results. We both like to find ways to get beyond our own preferences and tastes so that we can generate something that we cannot an ticipate. Paradoxically\, for both of us\, the lesson seems to be &ndash\; the more neutral the plan the more surprising the result&rdquo\;\, Cranston explains. Baldessari supplied the text.

In her practice Crans ton investigates the intersections between individual and shared experience and how imagery and objects acquire meaning in our culture. While oftentim es taking personal attributes or historical events as a jumping-off point\, her work is ultimately concerned with the formal language of art and the r ole the artist plays in helping us see the world in new ways.

Since the 1960&rsquo\;s\, the works of Baldessari have developed into one o f the most pioneering oeuvres of contemporary art. By means of productive g aps between image and word\, he focuses on the relationship between languag e and power. Visual jokes and plays on words are the means by which he disr upts the strict classification of sense and nonsense and sets in motion pro cesses of critical thought with regard to society.

Meg Cra nston: b. 1960 in Baldwin\, NY. Lives and works in Venice\, CA.
Selec ted exhibitions: 2013: Michael Janssen Singapore (solo). 2012: Made in L.A. (group). 2011: Municipal Art Gallery\, Los Angeles (group). 2010: Gallery Brandstrup Oslo\, Norway (group). 2009: Aachener Kunstverein\, Aachen\, Ger many (solo). 2008: Getty Museum of Art\, Los Angeles (group)\; Kuenstlerver ein Malkasten\, Duesseldorf\, Germany (group). 2007: Artspace\, Auckland\, New Zealand (solo).

John Baldessari: b. 1931 in National City\ , CA. Lives and works in Santa Monica\, CA.
Solo Exhibitions (selecti on): 2013: Michael Janssen Singapore. 2011: Australian Museum\, Sydney and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. 2010: Fondazione Prada. Milan\; Gemini G.E.L. L os Angeles\, CA. 2009: Tate Modern\, London\, Museu d&rsquo\;Art Contempora ni de Barcelona\, Los Angeles County Museum of Art\, Los Angeles\, CA and M etropolitan Museum of Art\, New York\, NY\; Fine Arts Museums of San Franci sco\; Museum Haus Lange\, Krefeld\, Germany.

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