We are delighted to announce the architectural filmscreening Spatializations curated by Marc Glöde within the scope of our exhib ition The Other Space with Miriam Böhm\, James Turrell\, and Charlot te Posenenske. The show will be on display until 19 April at the gallery.\n

Addressing the question of space and architecture has always been a key theme in


experimental filmmaking. From the early avantgarde pos itions to the newest digital developments: the artistic use of moving image s has been one of the most profound ways to open up new ways of reflecting the potentials of spatiality. Aware of this dynamic and the possibilities t he spaces of film (namely the cinema\, the museum or the gallery) can offer Michel Foucault himself pointed out the inherent heterotopian character of these ‚other spaces’. Taking this in concideration „Spatializitions“ addre sses some questions of the discourse. In relation to the exhibition „The Ot her Space“ the filmic works assembled in this program curated by Marc Glöde combine some of the key questions that resonate with this debate and the w orks of Böhm\, Turrel l and Posenenske. The program offers an additional pe rspective to the discussion these artists have fostered and intensify the i nherent question concerning the artistic potential to critically reflect on the relation of image\, space\, and observer.

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